9/11 Insider Trading Whistleblower Richard Grove on Red Ice Radio

Extremely interesting interview with insider Richard Grove who worked on software projects inside the world trade center!


I have long Believed Richard Grove Credible

and also long theorized that the demolition techs were called in to the Towers for some final detail on 9/11.

Help me out, Joe

As I was listening I was thinking, yes, Joe's right, this guy seems like the real deal, making connections among the various shadowy corporations with a hand in 9/11, pointing out specific insider trades, etc. But then around 42:00 he starts talking about Hollywood fx photography and even names a cinematographer, seeming to imply that planes didn't crash into the towers. How are we to reconcile this with the evidence we have? I'm willing to go wherever the evidence leads, but that one part of his comments and the radio host's apparent agreement, really muddied the water for me.

Richard Grove" at 911blogger