Shop? Go To Jail!

See this hidden video of two Canadian tourists getting a taste of the new Amerikan Police State.

Good thing it wasn't me. My conversation would go this way:

Police: Which store are you going shopping at?

Me: I'm going to Herr Hitler's Boutique. The same place you got your shiny jack boots.

F*****ing NAZIs suck.

The border guard

claims that he catches 'three terrorists a day' trying to cross the border. A likely story! I can only imagine how broad and meaningless his definition of 'terrorist' is.

They provoke people into losing their temper, then claim 'assault' when those people resist being apprehended.

Tyrannies don't just involve people at the top, unfortunately. There's all the petty tyrants in the bureaucracy to deal with too.

Arena Football of Terrorism

CIA and NYPD do a multi-state sweep and claim no terrorists. Fusion Centers run by Homeland Security are under fire for filing useless reports. Yet the FBI is always catching terrorists. Seems like the arena football of terrorism. You know, football for when there is no football. And then there are these guys: "3 terrorists a day...," that anualizes to 1095 terrorists a year and in a mere ten years there would be an entire division of terrorists to say nothing of the ones they don't catch.