Date: 19 November 2012 (Monday)

Time: 9am – 5pm

Venue: Dewan Tun Dr. Ismail, Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur

Keynote Address by

YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
Fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia & President of Perdana Global Peace Foundation
Session 1 – What Really Happened on 9/11?

General Tan Sri Azumi Mohamed (Rtd.)
Trustee PGPF

Ms Cynthia Mckinney
Former US Congresswoman / Commissioner in the Citizens’ Commission on 9/11

Mr James Corbett
Journalist & Film Producer

Mr. Richard Gage
Founder of Architects & Engineer for 9/11 Truth
Session 2 – Fear Factor

Tan Sri Hasmy Agam
Chairman SUHAKAM

Prof. Michel Chossudovksy
Professor of Economic, University of Ottawa

Prof. Graeme Macqueen
Author & Organiser of the Toronto 9/11 Hearings

Prof. Niloufer Bhagwat
Professor of Comparative Constitutional Law at University of Mumbai, India
Session 3 – Post 9/11: Global Consequences

Datuk Dr Mohd Ghazali b Hj Datuk Mohd Noor
Protem Chairman, Islamic Development Bank Alumni of Malaysia / Senior Adjunct, Tindakan Strategi Sdn. Bhd.

Prof. Dr. Hans Kochler
University of Innsbruck Austria

Mr. Guiletto Chiesa
Former Member of EU Parliament / Italian Politician

Dr. Chandra Muzaffar
President of International Movement for a Just World
Session 3 – 9/11 and War Crimes A Panel Discussion & Recommendation

Prof. Gurdial Singh Nijar
Faculty of Law University Malaya
Closing Session

Tan Sri Norian Mai
Perdana Global Peace Foundation

FREE ENTRY and OPEN TO PUBLIC. Please RSVP for the conference by filling up the form below or you can also email your particulars to by 15 November 2012.

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Venue: Dewan Tun Dr. Ismail, Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur


Thanks for posting. I just sent the info to our friend who lost his son at the WTC on 9/11 who lives and is from Kuala Lumpur. The lives of this family were totally destroyed by losing their only son, who was a charming, likable, smart person.

Perdana Glbal Peace Foundation

For whoever might read this... we need to make copies of this complete day and distribute it to local Cable TV Networks around the world as soon as possible. Community TV offers free access to everyone. This was a great day. Thank You Joe for posting it.

9/11 The Worst Man-made Disaster, Says Mahathir

9/11 The Worst Man-made Disaster, Says Mahathir

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 20 (Bernama) -- Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today laid bare the repercussions of the 9/11 attacks on America, labelling it as the worst man-made disaster for the world since the end of the last World War in 1945.

He said the events of 9/11 had resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghans as well as a few thousand American and British soldiers, besides causing devastation to two Muslim countries .

"It has divided the world into Muslim and non-Muslim, and sowed the seeds of suspicion and hatred between them," he said, adding that it had also undermined the security of nations which had to spend trillions of dollars on security measures.

"Yet the threat remains, not so much from alleged terrorists as from the powerful states and their crusade to change the world," Dr Mahathir said in his speech at the international conference on '9/11 Revisited - Seeking the Truth', here, Monday.

The Malaysian statesman said it was important to seek the truth behind 9/11 "because when the truth is revealed, then we can really prepare to protect and secure ourselves".

Sharing his views on the aerial attacks on America on Sept 11, 2001, which, among others, destroyed the iconic Twin Towers in New York, Dr Mahathir pointed out that the attacks involved very complex elements which needed detailed planning, precise timing and disciplined execution.


Day's events

This was a very high profile event. We met not only Mahathir, who stayed and listened carefully to our talks, but also the current prime minister of Malaysia. It's my understanding that James Corbett will be putting together some footage to describe the event. In any case, to put the matter briefly, this event, attended by many hundreds of people, is to be the first stage of a longer process.

In the meantime, I wonder if "Marzi" could contact me through the Journal of 9/11 Studies?

Graeme MacQueen

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Thank you for posting.