9/11 Free Fall -- Gatekeepers and 9/11 Censorship -- Interview with Dan Noel (11/15/12)

Dan Noel is an electromechanical engineer who is a member of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth as part of its presenter team. He has closely studied what he calls "the 9/11 censorship issue". In light of a recent video in which journalist Amy Goodman is confronted with 9/11 evidence and avoids discussion of it, Dan talks about 9/11 gatekeepers, the challenges that activist face in overcoming the censorship wall, and specific tools available that can help activists reach out to more people.

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Links mentioned on show:

9/11 Truth Confronts Amy Goodman & Democracy Now! ~ Cal Poly San Luis Obispo



Good show

Good show, Andrew.

This show really gets to the heart of the matter. The physics destroys the official narrative, but the bold, brazen nature of the act is almost inconceivable. It got me wondering about the battles that rational science has fought in the past. How many of the clergy and others of the day realized, for examples, that contrary to the accepted doctrine of the day, the earth was not flat nor the center of the universe? The truth eventually prevailed, of course, but against ingrained dogma and incredible leverage.

We need to dial in on the mechanisms of leverage to truly understand 'how could they do this and get away with it?'