Mainstream 9/11 Truth Film Sabotaged, says Star. "September Morn" no longer in production.
Published on Nov 19, 2012 by Mark Dice

The 9/11 truth film "September Morn" starring Martin Sheen, Woody Harrelson, Daniel Sunjata and others, has been derailed and sabotaged according to Sunjata.

Script circulated

I noticed that a script has been circulated... I don't know whether it is "the" script of September Mourn. It had a lot of living persons involved, so lots of potential legal problems...

Not only circulated

it was made accessible via one of the first pages of Howard Cohen

Maybe some kind of forward defense: "OK, there WAS a script. Here it is."

We can assume the project is dead with this publishing. Why, we will have to ask. I think the script is very poor. Not in factual sense, but regarding to developing characters and the storyline. Not something any real actor will subscribe to. But that is only my opinion.

And, if you may take a look, you'll find all of the alleged scripts of Howard Cohen do sound very similar: This is the case for "Confessions of a 9/11 Conspirator", "Trickery and Treachery"," Violation of Trust "und "September Morn". At least. Though every time Howard Cohen claimed to be the copyright-holder, every attempt was somehow stopped through copyright theft or other reasons. If you are willing to believe these weasel words.

I would like to know how much money has been collected and what was done with it. There is word about 200.000 Dollars had been collected. Though I gave not any money yet, I am very angry about the fourth failed attempt for a Hollywood 9/11 Truth Movie with 9/11 truth friendly actors. As everytime Howard Cohen was involved and every time some irregularties were announced, I hope law inforcement will investigate, what's that all about.

Hopefully we will have a statement by AE911Truth and Fleur De Lis Film Studios soon.

Hats off to "911artist" who gave hints for the fraud and always asking tough questions here at Blogger.

Brain Free

Not only is the script poor so far as character development it's total fiction, but not in a good way. Since when is Hillary on a fact finding mission? Why does she address people she's known forever with Mr.? Hillary may have been on fact shutting down mission but never on a truth finding one.

I just saw an opera written by Victor Ullmann in a concentration camp that satirized the Nazis. They stopped it mid-first rehearsal and had him sent to Auschwitz where he perished.

So, why use real people if even a satire with allegorical names could result in a shut down and death of the composer? Who ever wants to complete this movie project needs to use fake names. Dr. Strangelove was very effective. I'd imagine a court room fact finding mission where the panel members perhaps behind closed doors talk about keep out the truth but revealing the truth would be very compelling. Let them show their corrupt side. That would be honest at least.


To use Hillary Clinton as open minded regarding to 9/11 Truth, shutting up Sunder and Zelikow, at least is pure fiction and something nobody would believe. The same goes for the topic of depleted uranium as opener. Sure, the danger is for real, so is the story, but its as verboten as 9/11 truth, so nobody we would like to reach will be reached with this.

If you look at he few things we knew of the older scripts, you will find, it was always a one room only plot, but in the older version with fantasy names for real characters. Must be the "copyright theft" Cohen reported, to come up with the fantastic idea to use the real names instead.

Fictional characters in this excerpt:

JUDGE ALAN EISNER is a former Federal judge and confidante of the President who is serving as Chairman of the investigation.

PROFESSOR RUTH FOWLER is Chief of Research at the White House.

DR. ELLA SLOAN is the President’s Science Advisor.

MRS. KATHY SAWYER is a representative of family members of the 9/11 victims.

DR. SINGER is an assistant to Dr. Shyam Sunder, lead investigator for NIST in the 9/11 reports.


Braindead. Even for my novel I changed most if not all of the characters names, even friendly ones.
Underwhelmed, very friendly stated.


I got a copy of 'the' script from Mr. Cohen via email (I made a small donation early on) and I was quite underwhelmed.
That the project is pronounced dead does not surprise me.


If the film's script is as bad as everyone says, I'd rather see the film "sabotaged" than see the truth sabotaged by the film. The attempt was a step closer to widespread exposure, and that's what's important. If ever there is a Hollywood film about 911 truth, we probably won't hear about it until a month before it's premiere.... as it should and could only be.

I don't know about you but I

I don't know about you but I have a dozen better ideas for a 9/11 movie plot than a investigative jury. Perhaps I should knock it out and send to Ed Asner.

At some point soon they'll

At some point soon they'll have to make a 'mainstream' 911 conspiracy film because if they don't,it'll be conspicuous by it's absence. The trick from their point of view is to make a movie that's not obviously attacking 911 truth (quite the opposite they want to appear to support it),but which still manages to suppress or misdirect so that the truth remains covered up. A real 911 truth film will NEVER come out of Hollywood nor would it be permitted on mainstream cinemas screens.