Announcing Our New AE911Truth Membership Opportunity Join Us Now!

AE911Truth Membership


Announcing Our New AE911Truth Membership Opportunity

Join Us Now!

A Personal Message From Richard Gage, AIA

Dear AE911Truth Supporter,

I hope my letter finds you well!

I am delighted that your generous support of AE911Truth and hard work at our cause are paying off! As an expression of my gratitude, please accept this free gift – the powerful mini-documentary narrated by Ed Asner, Architects and Engineers: Solving the Mystery of WTC7, on a handy mini-DVD. Simply enter the coupon code “dvdgift” in our online store checkout. Coupon expires Friday, December 7, 2012 at midnight Pacific Time

After an incredible year at Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, we are finally getting close to a tipping point!

Outreach is getting easier. More people are receptive to our message. Our milestone documentary, 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out became the #1 Most Viewed and Shared video on the website during the week of the 9/11 anniversary (84,000 views in one week!).

I am writing to you to invite you into a closer relationship with AE911Truth – membership. In order to keep us moving forward to the next stage of our joint mission, we are adopting membership –

a more reliable and consistent funding approach used by leading grassroots activist organizations.

One of the key benefits of membership is that you will be the first to hear about – and have an opportunity to help shape – our new strategy that will put real teeth into our mission for ultimate accountability.

Only with your participation in our new membership program can we accomplish our ambitious goals for 2013.

Here are a few of these goals:

  • Outreach to 300 PBS stations to air “Experts Speak Out,” (four are already on board for 2013!)
  • Advertise in 100 college newspapers
  • Expose four million new visitors on each month to the AE911Truth evidence,
  • Distributing “Experts Speak Out” throughout Europe and to members of Congress
  • Pursue legal action against NIST

You know we are at a critical time in history. The threat we face is losing our democracy – based on the massive deception of 9/11. We cannot afford to fail. I know we can count on you as a loyal supporter to choose to be a part of our vital organization that is rapidly getting even greater.

Become a member of AE911Truth today at and claim your special gifts.

Together we will ensure that AE911Truth, a well-respected leader in our movement, is central to reaching the critical mass in public awareness of 9/11 Truth that is forthcoming.

Gratefully Yours,

Richard Gage, AIA


As a member you will get very special and unique benefits and know that you are doing your part to make the world a free place for you and your children. For more information on our new Membership program visit “Why Membership Matters.

(Existing Sustaining Members, please see below in regards to converting your existing recurring donation to a Membership)

If you prefer to make a one-time or monthly sustaining donation without joining, you can simply Donate Now.

Richard Gage, AIA, Architect

2342 Shattuck Ave., Suite 189,  Berkeley, CA 94704    ph (510) 292-4710    fx 925 938-1489     membership [at]


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