'Experts Speak Out' airing all across North Carolina on local TV


9/11 Truth is gaining steam in North Carolina as "Experts Speak Out" airs on local television stations throughout the state. I (RL McGee) put this documentary on public access station GPAT-23 in Greenville / Pitt County last week. It will run for several weeks at various time spots.

This was super-easy to do. There was no annual fee to become a producer and no orientation class to attend. I didn't even have to mail them a DVD since the station agreed to download the program from online! I just filled out 2 forms (Local Producer form and Program form) and mailed them in. Then I emailed the website for accessing the 1 hour version of ESO.

It has also recently aired in Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Durham thanks to Bette Smith. Starting in Chapel Hill in late October, The People's Channel has shown this breakthrough documentary by AE911Truth continuously in Chapel Hill / Orange County, and then its sister station aired the documentary in Carrboro in early November. Soon after Durham Community Media came on board and has been airing "Experts Speak Out" since mid-November in Durham County, NC.

Recent air times:

Chapel Hill --- Orange County
The Peoples Channel 8 ---- Mon. 11/12 --- 1:30 AM
Wed 11/14 ---10:00 AM
Sat 11/17 --- 3:00 AM
The Peoples Channel 4 --- Mon 11/12 --- 5 PM
Tues 11/13 --- 4 PM
Thurs 11/ 15 ---12 noon
Fri 11/16 --- 2 PM
Sun 11/18 --- 1:30 PM
Durham County, NC
Durham Community Media Channel 18 --- Thurs 11/15 --- 9 AM

Greenville/Pitt Co Public Access TV GPAT23 -- Channel 23 ----
12/06 Thursday --- 8:30 PM and 12/07 Friday --- 8:30 PM
Then for several weeks at various time spots.

Bette and I are collaborating with others on this project to saturate the Tar Heel State with truth. Greensboro, Raleigh, and Charlotte are coming up next. I encourage everyone to contact their local public access station and inquire about becoming a local producer. The requirements vary. You usually have to be a resident of the county. Some require an annual fee which allows you to submit various programming for an entire year. Some require a 1 or 2 hour orientation class. You do not have to operate any equipment.


Good outreach.

Well done RL and thank you for your work and post here.

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When will it be shown?

I'd like to get my relatives in NC to see this. Can you give an idea of what the schedule is for airing Experts Speak Out?


Are your relatives in the triangle area? Here's what Bette sent me for latest schedule in Chapel Hill and Durham:
THE PEOPLES CHANNEL Channel 8 or 4 --(Check both Channels at time scheduled).

12-10 Monday -- 5:00 AM 12-14 Friday 2:30 AM
2:30 PM
6:00 PM 12-15 Saturday 9:00 PM

12 -11 Tuesday 12:30 AM (after midnight) 12-16 Sunday 10:30 AM
12:00 PM (noon)
6:30 AM
12 :00 PM (noon)

12-12 Wednesday 7 AM & 1 PM

12-13 Thursday 6 PM


12-10 Monday 12:00 (noon)

12-12 Wednesday 3:00 PM

12-14 Friday 11:00 PM

12-16 Sunday 1:00 PM

My Contacts are in Greenville

It's great that this is playing in Greenville. There are lots of people there who have been very quiet about their concerns over the government's conspiracy story. Giving them access to this documentary may enable them to begin a more open dialogue with their friends, neighbors, and relatives. Could you post the Greenville playing times?

I have to say that getting this done is one of the best actions for 9/11 truth I've seen recently. Thank you!

*****Update from Friday, 14Dec2012*******

I talked to "Jake" at the public TV channel in Greenville to see if I could find out when ESO is to be shown again there. He said they were planning to show it again in the future, but it wouldn't be carried over the holiday season. While the channel has some regularly scheduled programs, they don't schedule the other available time more that about a week out. He explained that this channel is only carried on the Suddenlink Cable system (Channel 23) and only (probably) in Pitt County (where Greenville is the county seat). This means that people without cable, who have a different cable carrier, or who have Suddenlink but live outside of Pitt County, will not be able to view this public TV channel. Jake has promised me to send an email when the program has been scheduled again. I'll share that here when (and if) I hear from him.

PBS + Public Access

PBS got the first crack at airing 'ESO' in NC and turned it down, so local TV was the second option. The good news is that at least 4 states have agreed to show ESO on PBS in 2013. But meanwhile, we're going to put it on public access.

It was pretty cool to watch this on television last Thursday night at 8:30 p.m. The public access is a popular station in Greenville plus it must have attracted channel surfers. And it's not a one-shot deal but put in rotation for weeks.

You could then write a letter to the editor about the 9/11 documentary that's now airing on local TV. Your letter has increased local relevance and could lead to even greater outreach.

At the very least check out your public access station's website and scan the program inventory. If you see someone who might be sympathetic, get their contact info and see if they will put on "ESO." The Cable Access team will mail you a DVD for no cost -- or the station can download from Pegmedia.


Way to go.

Thanks McGee!

McGee, you did it again! Great outreach and promotion.
...and thanks for sharing...
I really appreciate how well you describe the steps needed to make this kind of action happen.