Full Disclosure: CO, WI, CT shootings.. Are These The Work of "Lone Wolf" Gunmen

Full Disclosure: CO, WI, CT shootings.. Are These The Work of "Lone Wolf" Gunmen


That Guy is on Fox in Cincinnati, I think.....

That program originates on Fox in Cincinnati, I think. Keith Hansen, alias Vyzygoth , did hours of programming on mass killing incidents. Hansen has now retired from investigative journalism and social commentary but his archives are maintained at Think or Be Eaten . While past programs are released for a nominal fee, the moderator of the site has seen fit to make available, for free, downloads of a series entitled: Anatomy of Three Massacres: Columbine, Dunblane, and Port Arthur . The two in the series that deal with Port Arthur I found quite fascinating. One interview is with a policeman of 17 years and the other is with a contributor to Nexus Magazine . Evan Long's Columbine Cause is yet another good resource. The official story doesn't square at all with even official documents. Long cuts through some of the over eleven thousand documents from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office. All documents discussed by Long are available from The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office or from torrents, so the veracity of his statements are easily documented.

Doesn't add up

We need some hard answers.

Here is 1.5 hours of the best evidence



Project Longevity: Justice Department, Connecticut State Offici


Project Longevity: Justice Department, Connecticut State Officials Target Gun Violence

Reuters | Posted: 11/27/2012
By David Ingram

WASHINGTON, Nov 27 (Reuters) - The Obama administration is taking a cautious step toward confronting the politically tricky subject of gun violence with an initiative focused on prevention due to be unveiled on Tuesday.

It will not be the gun control launch that some of President Barack Obama's supporters hoped for after Obama won a second four-year term in a Nov. 6 election.

Instead, U.S. Justice Department and Connecticut state officials will announce what one law enforcement official called a statewide approach that targets repeat criminals, creates alternatives for potential gang members and rallies neighborhoods against violence.

The initiative, known as Project Longevity, will send new federal grant money to Connecticut and involve agents, academics and social workers working for or with the FBI and the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy are scheduled to discuss the plans at a news conference in New Haven, Connecticut, at 11 a.m. (1600 GMT).

Malloy, a Democrat, in June adopted a strategy known as "focused deterrence" that targets a small number of suspects who are under the supervision of probation officers or otherwise well known to law enforcement.

The model, which emphasizes education and other services for those suspects, as well as community meetings, has been credited with reducing violence in Boston and elsewhere.

Federal help for the effort is welcome even if Obama is not making a push to change laws that make guns easily available in much of the country, said Ron Pinciaro, executive director of Connecticut Against Gun Violence.

"The community needs to show a little more outrage on these things and demand that it be a top priority," Pinciaro said. "That will be more useful than another law right now."

Obama has repeatedly called for changes to federal gun laws, including a renewed ban on guns that critics call assault weapons. An earlier ban expired in 2004, and Obama reiterated his support for a new one in an October debate with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

But with other priorities, and facing strong opposition from pro-gun lobbyists, Obama has so far put off legislation.

The Sandy Hook School

I'm not sure what to believe. But I'll add this- Sandy Hook is where my now 19yo daughter went to kindergarten, and I know the place. It's fairly unusual in that the school is down an access road several hundred yards long, and invisible from the street. Unless you knew, you'd probably miss the small sign and never know it is back in there... The woods that are around it are really not that large, with streets and houses fairly close by. Tactically speaking, for a team of assassins to to do their work unseen and then quickly escape, it would be an IDEAL location. Do a "Mapquest," and you'll see what I mean.... Why did it have to be MY town? (sorry, just venting)

Ben Swann.

Just glancing at this creeped me out........

Just glanced at this an realized I had to hit the store before it closed so I didn't have time to read it. I walked down to the store and back thinking, WTF, WTF, WTF, WTF, etc. I had to race back to read this post. What got me was: Army Embeds Psyops Soldiers at Local Stations . Remember playing marbles? When you were a spas like me you always asked sheepishly: "is this for funsies or keepsies?" One didn't want to risk "losing their marbles," as it were. So in this report the military says they are embedded to enhance exit skills of military personnel, i.e. funsies. But in the same report they intimate that they are there to "jack with the peeps," as I like to say, and that is keepsies. Anderson Cooper says of his association with the CIA that it was for funsies as well, but I am not so sure about that. So, there you go, that is the marble sniff test for duplicity and the true meaning of full spectrum dominance.

Thank you

for posting this here. It's wild. It appears to be so obvious.

FAU professor makes no apologies

FAU professor makes no apologies for calling Connecticut school massacre a hoax


Professor James Tracy says he’s facing university probe over New


Professor James Tracy says he’s facing university probe over Newtown conspiracy
By Eric W. Dolan
Wednesday, January 16, 2013 18:51 EST

A tenured professor who controversially claimed the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut never happened is worried that he may now lose his job.

Florida Atlantic University professor James Tracy told the university’s student newspaper that the university plans to have a meeting with him later this week regarding his conspiracy theory, which he published online.

“They’re getting people calling them saying that this person shouldn’t be teaching, he’s an awful person and what have you, so I think that they have to do something,” Tracy told University Press.

“I don’t know what there’s going to be. I don’t know if that would involve stripping me of my tenure and dismissing me, or what. That’s something that’s ultimately for them to decide.”

Last month, Tracy claimed the tragic shooting of 20 young schoolchildren in Newtown could be part of a conspiracy to push for gun control. He went so far to question whether the shooting even actually happened, or was just an invention of Obama and the media.

His conspiracy theory gained national attention after numerous media outlets, including CNN’s Anderson Cooper, reported on it.

On Wednesday, Tracy raised questions about the recent shooting at Taft Union High School in California, suggesting it could have been orchestrated by the government.

Raw Story (http://s.tt/1yyBd)

CNN's Anderson Cooper...

Cooper Covers Conspiracy Theory That Sandy Hook School Shooting Was A False Flag Government Op



Agree there are incongruous reports from Sandy Hook. Don't really know what to make of it as yet.

Note that the political class is making hay though no final report is in (same pattern 9/11). Was shooter medicated, etc.(who, what, where when, why)?

Cooper is beneath contempt. This is being used to attack ALL conspiracy thoughts.

The Model is Broken

A friend who was a student in the architectural college worked on a model for a natorium in a large university. The pool was to go in an existing structure and the model demonstrated how they proposed to do that. The cost, for the model, was $25,000 and the intent was to schmooze the client with their abilities. What do they then do: approach a client with a busted up model? No, that is not how it works. The take home lesson is: You've got to start with a good model.

Cooper's model is broken. Cooper has himself said, in effect, that the days of stentorian and authoritarian presenters has past and yet that is just what he is doing; well that and using the Jerry Springer model. New Coke, Classic Coke: is that where they made the switch to high fructose corn syrup? I don't know for sure but I would bet it had something to do with it. If I get nostalgic about that product I have to get it from the Mexicans as they use real sugar. I use that analogy to point out that I think, and this is just my opinion, that another switch was made. During the Jerry Spinger, Phil Donahue, Oprah, Geraldo, Montel Williams and Maury Povich epoch a switch was made. The switch was to replace dialogue with controversy . "Should adult midgets be allowed to date our fourteen year old daughters? Next, on Geraldo." And you have to come down on one side or the other unless you wake up and realize that: "hey these people are trying to Twinkifie my brain."

Exactly what Cooper has done with James Tracy is to Jerry Spring-er a trap on him. "How dare this midget daughter f*er get anywhere near our kids!" And then he brings on the "experts," which in the south we called anyone with a suit on that was over fifty miles from home.

Well now there is a new model, as it seems that the old one is "so broke c'aint fix it, or tore up, or wallered out...." all nice southern expressions. I will link to a very long video. And ask yourself: "why is Cooper using the Jerry Springer model and this punk kid , and I mean that in the nicest way, is trying to do real journalism?" Cooper, I am sure has an expense account and could have done this at home in the comfort of his Upper West Side apartment with some friends from work with a nice bottle of wine and some good fromage and fruit but he didn't: "Tonight: on AC 360° a special in depth look at the Sandy Hook Tragedy:" as far as I know that hasn't happened.

I haven't had a chance to finish this very long video, but I have seen a lot of it. This kid, and that is all he is, tries to take a hard look at the anomolies of Sandy Hook and tries, and does a very good job, to be objective. I tried to hate this kid. I don't like his 90210 , Trueblood , Twilight haircut, the fact that he can't, for the life of him, pronounce an Italian name, the color of his shirt and the fact that my speakers are better than his: I tried to not like him, but I can't not like this guy; especialy since he is busting his ass making this timeline when he should be out bird-dogging chicks to borrow a phrase. And Cooper, net worth approx. 100 million, Yale, Manuscript Society, (and I mispoke) and posh digs in Greenwhich Village, can't touch this kid. Cooper Home: http://www.celebritynetworth.com/articles/celebrity-homes/anderson-coopers-home-historic-nyc-firehouse/

Here is the young whipersnapper himself. This a'int your father's YouTube video:
Brendan Hunt Video
Run Time: 2:32:56 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fIdNl_KwEo

What it boils down to

'This is being used to attack ALL conspiracy thoughts.'

But nowadays, the word 'conspiracy' has been so abused as no longer to mean (for those who have allowed their minds to become clouded) what it actually means--a secret plan among two or more people to do something criminal or unethical. Instead, per this warped usage, to suspect a 'conspiracy' simply means suspecting that the government and news media are not giving us the whole truth about something. To be less than fully trustful of the government and media with respect to any topic--whether or not they actually concern real or suspected criminal conspiracies--is enough to earn one the 'conspiracy theorist' badge these days.

Ultimately, what they are attacking are not simply 'conspiracy thoughts,' but any and all independent, critical thought. According to the ideology that's been hammered into us, trust of government and corporate news media is associated with being mentally healthy, distrust with being mentally defective.


Any attack on ideology is an attack on wholesomeness itself:


Compare Coopers

Compare this Aurora shooting report. To me it looks like they have deliberately used two different locations and threaded them together to appear as the same.

Two or more interviews, different locations, edited back and forth. Look at the building in the background at 3:05. Two rows of windows. Just after @ 1:01 it is a different building. Two different locations. One has a grassy slope, the other one is a parking lot.


This is clear manipulation of video by a news organization. If not, please explain it.

Sandy Hook Shooting: Active-Shooter Drill Confirmed by Law Enfor

Sandy Hook Shooting: Active-Shooter Drill Confirmed by Law Enforcement Raises Suspicion of False Flag Operation


Have there been hints of that all along............

Seems I remember, don't know where, but on a blog of course and not the "news" that there were suspicions of drills but not in SH perhaps but nearby townships.

The Sandy Hook Shooting

Fog of War?

That never lifts.

Man who helped Sandy Hook kids is harassed by conspiracy theori


Man who helped Sandy Hook kids is harassed by conspiracy theorists
By Dylan Stableford, Yahoo! News

A man who found six children in his driveway in Newtown, Conn., after their teacher had been shot and killed in last month's school massacre has become the target of conspiracy theorists who believe the shootings were staged.

“I don’t know what to do,” Gene Rosen told Salon.com. “I’m getting hang-up calls, I’m getting some calls, I’m getting emails with, not direct threats, but accusations that I’m lying, that I’m a crisis actor, ‘How much am I being paid?'”

Rosen, a 69-year-old retired psychologist who lives near Sandy Hook Elementary School where the shootings took place, says his inbox is filled with emails like this one:

How are all those little students doing? You know, the ones that showed up at your house after the ‘shooting’. What is the going rate for getting involved in a gov’t sponsored hoax anyway?

“The quantity of the material is overwhelming,” Rosen said, adding that he's sought the advice of a retired state police officer and plans to alert the FBI.

[Related: One month after school massacre, parents of Sandy Hook victims speak]

On the morning of Dec. 14, Rosen had just finished feeding his cats when he saw six small children "sitting in a neat semicircle" at the end of his driveway. According to the Associated Press:

A school bus driver was standing over them, telling them things would be all right. It was about 9:30 a.m., and the children, he discovered, had just run from the school to escape a gunman.

"We can't go back to school," one little boy told Rosen. "Our teacher is dead."

Adam Lanza, the 20-year-old gunman, had shot his way into the school and opened fire, killing 20 children and six adults.

[Slideshow: Scenes from Newtown, Dec. 14-21, 2012]

Rosen took the four girls and two boys—students of slain teacher Victoria Soto—into his home, gave them toys and comforted them while he tried to reach their parents. He spent the days following the massacre telling his story to the swarming media that invaded the small Connecticut town in the wake of the shootings.

“I wanted to speak about the bravery of the children,” Rosen told Salon. “I guess I kind of opened myself up to this.”

A quick Web search for Rosen's name reveals some of what he's opened himself up to: Appearing online are photos of his home, his address and phone number, several fake YouTube accounts and plenty of conspiracy theories.

One post, entitled "Grieving Town Grandfather, or Bad 'Crisis Actor,'" reads in part:

Gene's oft repeated, and changing, story about that day, focuses totally on the kids and the sound of gunshots. Even though his eyes and ears should've taken in the whole scene, his story focuses completely on the kids and the guns.

Why? Well, if this was a false flag event designed to move political opinion on gun control, here in America, then you would get a lot more bang for your buck by talking about the innocent little children. That's what tugs on America's heart strings the most ... especially around Christmas time.

"Gene Rosen Actor'

In Today's Paranoid Climate

Parents on alert as child sexual abuse cases grow.... reads a headline at Boston.com which is the first search result I found to compose this blog. What with missing kids on milk cartons, Amber Alerts, the missing children BB's at Wal-Mart, Catholic priests; no one and I mean no one but especially one with supposed psychology credentials, is going to have a f*ing tea party with children in their homes: got it, get it, good.

The Corbett Report | Interview – Dr. James Tracy

The Corbett Report | Interview – Dr. James Tracy on the Sandy Hook Controversy

Dr. James Tracy of MemoryHoleBlog.com joins us to discuss the inconsistencies in the official narrative of the Sandy Hook shooting, and how the media is treating anyone who questions the official story. We address the recent international attention that the Memory Hole Blog has been receiving for Dr. Tracy’s work on the shooting, and the real meaning of academic freedom.


Where is non-main stream media?

Dear Abby Martin,

Where is Breaking the Set on this Sandy Hook issue, and the seemingly endless amount of anomalies?
Where is Media Roots?

Dear Al Jazeera,
Where are you?

Dear Project Censored,
Where are you?

Dear Amy,
Where are you?

Dear Noam,
Where are you?

regarding our so-called news media, are phd professors, youtube users and individual analysts, such as James Corbett, the only truly brave and dedicated journalist/investigative reporters left in our world? This can't be, there must be others...

we know we can't rely on compromised and controlled msm, but we thought we could rely on you, but now how many days has it been, since 14 Dec., and where is investigative reporting? Perhaps i have missed it, and if so, could you please share the links?

this story which appears full of holes, is already being set in stone in wikipedia and in google search, where is the outcry over this from you, and from all of us? this is opportunity for all of us to open door wider. this didn't happen 11 plus years ago, where people can try to brush it aside, it's real time and has many similarities, which can help people to understand about mass psyops. people who before said no way about 9/11, now are starting to take second look... let's roll!


Adam Curry and Jack Blood are Covering it

These are both important venues:

Adam Curry has been broadcasting since before the age of 16, a ham operator, broadcasting is both Curry's livelihood and his hobby. Called "The Podfather" in the computer industry Curry was the first to see the value in podcasting and also as an early adapter, created the standards and practices of the medium. Once a flamboyant Veejay on MTV, Curry has gone on, in his career, to prove that he his not just another pretty face. With his co-host John C. Dvorak, a tech writer from Silicon Valley, Curry hosts No Agenda the anchor program for Curry's pioneering network The No Agenda Stream . Dvorak, a cosmopolitan bon-vivant known to many who have sweated the purchase of the latest technology acts as a foil for Curry's youthful exuberance and boundless energy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VW8tVWtrQeM

Jack Blood, another mainstay on The No Agenda Stream is another old media hand who, among his career highlights, spent time pushing a 50,000 watt radio signal. Blood, an ex Punk Rocker, speaks in a staccato stream that is faster than you can think with the therapeutic effect that, at the end of it, has disabused you of all your prejudices and like a clairvoyant he can finish your thoughts. Blood hosts a blog called Deadline Live his shows are here: http://deadlinelive.info/ Links at Deadline Live will take you into the The No Agenda Stream In another life Blood was both an artist and a scientist.

Where is Abby Martin?

wow. just wow. looks like they got to her.

It does look that way

A lot of people were disapointed with this. To me it seems quite scripted.


Scripted is right. I couldn't even bring myself to watch it through to the end. I'm not sold on any claims with respect to these mass shootings, but it's the very vocabulary that's employed--so similar to that used by the media to which Abby is supposed to be an alternative--that's most alarming to me here. Overgeneralizing, painting with a broad brush. They even trot out the old standby according to which the belief that powerful people plan things in dark rooms somewhere deprives us of our agency and responsibility and sense of being able to do anything about anything.* Baloney!! Knowledge is power. The clearer a picture you have of the forces you're up against, the better. One's sense of agency and responsibility shouldn't fluctuate according to how random or unplanned events appear to us.

I would have been much less bothered if she had just come out and said something like, 'Here's why I'm persuaded of the veracity of the offiicial account of the Newtown shootings; here are some of the arguments of skeptics concerning that account, and here's why I don't find their arguments convincing.' I'm all for differentiating between greater and less well-founded expressions of skepticism; we should all be wary of red herrings and the dangers of crying wolf. But here it sounds more like she's disparaging skepticism itself, and in doing so sounds so much like the rest of the media--both the major outlets and the 'alternative' media gatekeepers. I think it's possible to make the point that not every claim of high-level conspiracy is of equal or approximate merit without regurgitating so much of the establishment rhetoric on the topic.


* I'm moved to quote from Michael Parenti on this point:

'Those who suffer from conspiracy phobia are fond of saying: "Do you actually think there's a group of people sitting around in a room plotting things?" For some reason that image is assumed to be so patently absurd as to invite only disclaimers. But where else would people of power get together - on park benches or carousels? Indeed, they meet in rooms: corporate boardrooms, Pentagon command rooms, at the Bohemian Grove, in the choice dining rooms at the best restaurants, resorts, hotels, and estates, in the many conference rooms at the White House, the NSA, the CIA, or wherever. And, yes, they consciously plot - though they call it "planning" and "strategizing" - and they do so in great secrecy, often resisting all efforts at public disclosure. No one confabulates and plans more than political and corporate elites and their hired specialists.'
(From 'The JFK Assassination II: Conspiracy Phobia on the Left,' included in 'Dirty Truths,' 1996)

Something a'int right....

There is a gamut of conspiracy theories vis a vis Sandy Hook. The Masonic and don't you know that the Masons are required to show a tell and tip their hand, its just what Masons do. Then there is the witchcraft/satanist one that reads much like Salem in the 1600s where: in a village in New England witches have conspired to build the school on certain ley lines (must have been a no bid contract.) Then there is the hoax one where no one dies. I don't know, but something is very wrong.

In his last installment Anderson Cooper said that in the early reportage of an event like this you always get the story wrong. I a'int buying that babe in the woods crap, and fog of war crap. The initial reporting is usually pretty accurate until the handlers from the networks come in to shame the rubes who don't know what they are doing or they would be living in Greenwich Village or Central Park West like us; they then proceed to stamp their version of things on the event.

But, at the risk of sounding crass: where are the "money shots?" Where are the pictures of the dead children, the blood trails, the shell casings, overturned desks, broken glass etc. Oh, we don't show pictures of dead children it is insensitive. What then of the dead shooter? Weren't Eric Harris' and Dylan Klebold's corpses shown on the news. Wasn't Saddam's hanging shown on television. Have they suddenly changed their standards and practices in whatever passes for the Chicago Manual of Style in the TV world and decided to be more restrained, somber and classy? Were that true I wouldn't have a clue who Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton, and Kim Kardashian even were.

Malcolm Forbes, the publisher, was an avid Harley-Davidson fan and an enthusiastic rider. He rode them all over Europe and America. He contended that everything supposedly exceptional about Harley's was actually a myth but he still just liked them. For example, he said the loud and satisfying clunk that Harley's made when they were engaged into gear gave him a visceral thrill and particularly impressed the European friends he made along his treks there. He went on to say that a good well built and more silent Japanese motorcycle was just as efficient and no less "engaged" despite its lack of audible feed back. Well that is the analogy for the American media.
despite any loud and visceral feedback of always being engaged in propaganda like the ironically named Pravda (Truth) or TASS, the American media is just as engaged but, like the Honda, they keep pretty quiet about it. So, you just never know with them.

Their sense of priorities

Ah, but the Manti Te'o non-existent dead girlfriend scandal--that they'll report on. And in doing so, I guess the MSM are (per the pontifications of their own pundits) simply manifesting their own inability to accept the complexities of the real world, seeking the comfort and reassurance that only a conspiracy theory can provide.

Yeah, that is ugly.

Looks bad on Abby.

This isn't science

This isn't science but I poked around things on this video to see how they square with positions taken on Project Censored, where she is on the board, and on her own site Media Roots and they don't seem to add up to me. Of note is that she has plans to redo her site and she has selected the unfortunate appellation Media Roots Website 2.0. It is unfortunate because many felt that an idea with the title Web 2.0 with its promise of slicker interaction capabilities was a front for a way to channelize the internet with more focus on go-to paid providers of information much like cable television and less freedom in the end.

our cross

She has parameters, otherwise no job. BTS falls under non-true alternative media category as James Corbett mentioned in his recent interview with her, which she cut short when he started mentioning about funding and Rockefeller, Carnegie and others. Listen to the last 20-30 sec here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9q0j4LrAVE also, her other segments are 20+ min yet this one is only 9+ min
She tries to marginalize others who are asking hard questions and raising valid concerns, by attaching fear mongering paranoia label.

The eloquent, brilliant and brave Arundhati Roy said, in her Come September speech, that labels are a failure of the imagination. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHz8cpULupo

This labeling/marginalizing is the same tactic corporate owned msm uses, only they use the more common CT. Ms Martin is trying to come across as different but end of day her approach is same, rather worse because it's supposed to be alternative. Rather than make investigation of the many issues that are raised in any of the youtube videos or in any of material from professor James Tracy or many other hard working independent investigators and citizen journalists. It's my understand Ms Martin and others are supposed to be investigative journalists, but it's same strategy, bring in some girl with long legs and attitude in order to capture certain market segment. No real objective analysis of anything. She says big words like imperative, makes sweeping statements like 'armed with facts and questioning everything', but she doesn't heed her own advice, she says she believes in some conspiracy theories, but doesn't have conviction or courage to say exactly which one(s), then goes on talking about wackos and shadows, which is more marginalizing

Says about how she's trying to 'make us smarter and more critical thinkers'! =) again follow your own advice...........
Saying 5 year old were only ones to see multiple shooters, yet there is teacher during emergency call saying saw 2 shadows running, interview with another adult saying about how the guy looked the parents in the eyes and said i didn't do it, and helicopter video shows people in woods, whether these are shooter(s) we don't know, but it's example of real evidence not just based on comment from child, and questions that need follow-up. and when child says someone on ground with handcuffs seems pretty clear
She keeps saying without any evidence, yet there's loads of video and strange things
Says we shouldn't deny evidence by not looking, seems should heed her own advice
Makes these broad generalizations about people jumping to conclusion, but this is exactly what the corporate msm media has done, immediately jumping to conclusions, knowing all but w/o any real investigation, w/o autopsy records, constant changing stories, and then gov immediately starts with it's ban guns platform. Apparently some news media announced within about 10 min they knew number of dead

What i find most disturbing is her trying to negatively correlate this sandy hook issue with 9/11, she is making her own psyop spin here, saying that those questioning this story are somehow discrediting the 9/11 truth movement is error. Bringing up that we're doing disservice to the 9/11 family members seeking new investigation is error. This is similar tactic, with slightly different twist, which was used by msm.
There are many similarities between this event and 9/11. She wants us to pretend otherwise, she is either deluding herself or intentionally trying to shut down critical thinking by people in the 9/11 truth movement, and or make them shy to investigate this as well. Everything is interconnected. potential actors, media on the scene, early morning prime time, drills planned same morning, not releasing videos, jumping to conclusion w/o time to make proper investigation, pronounced repetition of official narrative, crime scenes seized, evidence potentially destroyed such as razing building, smashing hard drives, scrambling voice communication, whatever other evidence, pulling youtube videos, constantly changing stories, completely one sided story from nearly all major main steam media and police and so-called community leaders, q&a is abrupt with intimidation, anyone questions they get labeled and marginalized and maybe fired, example anderson cooper bullying james tracy, even though many are dedicated honest respectable folks, and that's it, that's perhaps the most telling sign of all, which is that no one looks into the issues they raise, except any obvious mistakes then they try to capitalize on those, but overlook the many more other potentially serious anomalies. this is tell tale sign that there is something wrong, that there is perhaps a coverup. also there is immediate gov agenda, no independent investigators, event showing manufactured reality, big emotional play, violation of crime scene procedure, president spinning together words violence and freedom, other politicians quick to jump on bandwagon, websites for raising funding some 4 days before the 14th shows prior knowledge, media/police discouraging community discussion, supposed killer has patsy rap, families often couldn't can't don't see the deceased, saying we're doing dis-service to deceased, and on and on.................................................... and, what parent out there, if their child is killed, doesn't want to know why? People need truthful answers, they need for healthy grieving process, among other reasons

Here's a sampling of some of the significantly large amount of anomalies/evidence/questions that many conscientious people worldwide are discussing and want answers to... Isn't it the job of journalist to make honest objective analysis of these issues and report them to the public... just the facts ma'am

rip page created 4 days before the 14th, and other fund raising sites up before the event
missing gunmen/shooters disappearing
who are 2 adult witnesses, from in the school, that received gunshot wounds and are recovering
why was honda with bullet holes removed from parking lot, violation of crime scene
man handcuffed in front seat of car
changing and conflicting stories
principle killed or speaking to Newtown bee editor
new security system and locked exterior school doors
where are videos of supposed rampage
Columbine had video and photos, why not here
medical examiner press report issues
children when asked did they hear gunshots or what did they hear, one says we heard lots of bangs and we thought it was custodian knocking stuff down, and another little girl doesn't even answer, yet changes subject saying she saw police or something similar, but seems no children speaking about hearing big amount of gunfire, children's responses seem led by reporters
people with strange behavior
former bus driver says Lanza was nice kid, neighbor says he was quiet , genius, and former classmate says he was just a kid, not troublemaker
why are so many cars blocking entrance and exit, if this is case, how are emergency vehicles supposed to enter and exit
police Lt. doesn't know how many guns during interview with abc
no record of adam Lanza using local shooting range
changing types and numbers of weapons
rife caused wounds but found in trunk or ..
unknown location of bullet wounds or injuries to victims
same dress in different photos
sms from cbs to interviewee
satanic signs
looks like movie set
correlation between name aurora and sandy hook scene in batman movie
hospital reports records
where's all the 600+ students, teachers, parents
line of some students and adults but no emergency related vehicles in background
where's any photographic evidence, bullet holes, entry and exit, in doors or windows
many strange videos
shots fired and how
logic of geneticist working with coroner
why can't parents see their children, identify them
state worker shows husband Lanza's body
state attorney and police refuse to give timeline
governor saying he will probably never know cause, but wants to study every detail so can craft meaningful legislation
Lanza's mother is described as meticulous and self reliant and would never leave guns out
law enforcement says murder weapon was one of guns owned by Lanza's mother, supposedly semi-automatic rifle and semi pistols, but coroner says wounds were caused by rifle
investigators say Lanza's behavior was consistent with asperger's yet also state there is no predisposition to violence
Lanza's mother was regarded as open and generous
where's all the rushing emergency vehicles, etc.
where's video or photos from fire station
why does bus driver drop kids off at neighbors yard and ...

All anyone with clear mind has to do is start watching the videos, and or reading research material and timeline, and what rational non-compromised non-controlled person wouldn't start to question at least some of these issues
Simply type sandy hook in youtube and now there's more than 1 mil results with top video showing 10 mil + hits
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wx9GxXYKx_8&bpctr=1358439755 this link is shown in post above, and hopefully some people have downloaded it and others to their hard drive

Plenty of things don't make sense, don't add up, yet let's pause for a moment and say the burden of proof is finally met, videos are shown and or other compelling information comes to surface supporting the official narrative, then at least we can feel we have gone through healthy process of critical thinking. Yes we might feel embarrassed by our previous ideas, but yet we learn from our mistakes and become more healthy. Most of us learned at one time that there's no such thing as a bad question. Yes, ok, maybe some of us don't grasp things as fast as others, so we keep asking questions to try to understand, and then when it becomes apparent maybe we feel shy or funny or slow inside but at least now we know and we feel better, relieved, and this process makes us more healthy to deal with future situations, problems, issues, etc.

Their show has the word "Think" in beginning, seems similar tactic to what fox news does with their "fair and balanced" or what cnn does with "keeping them honest".
There's very little thinking going on this show, next to no true investigative journalism, no true objective analysis, rather it's defending and marginalizing
Maybe they should change name BTS to FTS, Following the Set

i suppose one could say more about things, but what is point, since she's most probably controlled, then it's barking up wrong tree
Anyhow, perhaps she or other supposed alternative media could take closer look at the following...

Medical examiner http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=ShgdN8arHCc
Radio interview http://www.corbettreport.com/interview-578-dr-james-tracy-on-the-sandy-hook-controversy/
Memory Hole Blog by tenured professor James Tracy PhD
Analyzing the Newtown Narrative http://memoryholeblog.com/2012/12/20/analyzing-the-newtown-narrative-sandy-hooks-disappearing-shooter-suspects/#more-1367
Unanswered Questions http://memoryholeblog.com/2012/12/24/the-sandy-hook-massacre-unanswered-questions-and-missing-information/
Continued Ambiguity and Augmented Reality http://memoryholeblog.com/2013/01/01/sandy-hook-the-illusion-of-tragedy/
Timeline http://memoryholeblog.com/2013/01/06/sandy-hook-school-massacre-timeline/
Jan 10 InfoWars news with Rob Dew

Plus any of the dozens of sandy hook related youtube videos, currently about 10,080,000 results

During interview with James Corbett, Mr Tracy mentions also he was building on prior research from Mike Adams and Rob Dew at InfoWars, so perhaps these are even more information to consider.

Here's a quote from James Tracy, taken from his blog Analyzing the Newtown narrative...
"Behind the meticulously crafted façade a deep vagueness and sorrow remains that cannot be wholly explained away by the made-for-television storyline of an awkward and lagging young man who inexplicably murders his mother, destroys his computer hard drive, gains access to a supposedly high security facility and proficiently executes 26 individuals within minutes. Yet only in an age of almost universal deceit is the public asked to accept such without further inquiry and comment. All the while amidst mass grieving political leaders and public figures showboat their legislative priorities. It is difficult to imagine a more profound marker of an utterly decrepit politics and civil society than the shallow and unquestioning media that churns out a monochromatic worldview while giving adherents the insidious impression of being informed"

Btw, this is not hate mail and i do not have any agenda, other than bring truth to light.
Btw again, where is Columbo or Quincy? will a real true investigator or medical coroner please stand up, please
please people, please stop being afraid, we're all gonna die, might as well we go out in blaze of glory

i read a quote the other day it went something like this...
How can we expect to wear crown in heaven, if we don't bear our cross on earth

with love and thanks!

Yah, What He said.

Yah,what he said.

removed from 911 Blogger news?

Any reason why this post by Joe has been removed from the 911Blogger News and Blogs, and previously it was also in Headlines?

Hi again, my mistake, i now see it in the blogs section. maybe i didn't scroll down far enough previously

I am still concerned why this post has been removed from the Headlines. I feel 9/11 truth movement shouldn't cower or hide from anyone or anything. There are similarities between Sandy Hook and 9/11, with perhaps the biggest similarity and most telling of all is current fight from controlled msm. If there wasn't something wrong then they wouldn't care

Why should 9/11 truth movement be intimidated, since even if the Sandy Hook official narrative turns out true, and our lively discussion are false, then let it be. Let the chips fall where it will. and the truth will shine through it all. And then, we can always look back and feel good that we never stifled any discussion. A truly transparent platform not swayed by any political pressure. yee haw

Why removed from Headlines?

This story about multiple gunmen at all three shootings being in direct contradiction to main steam media with eyewitness testimony, video, tape and photo evidence, which was in Headlines, then got removed from Headlines?

This event opens people's eyes to media cover-up, which gives better understanding of 9/11 cover-up. Maybe these events are related for more than meets the eye, while at the least are the many similarities such as media gov cover-up, pre-planned, emotional hype, agenda with maybe other agenda, etc. between these shootings and 9/11. Also, the sudden blackout of this event in MSM is saying something such as they want people to forget, since they know there is problems...

Momma white elephant 9/11 gives birth to (another) new baby white elephant? It all never ends, and i find myself often asking what the heck am i doing here, expending energy on all this stuff... lies, deception, ebb and flow, manipulation, politics, our dastardly egos, people need to eat, inertia, etc....

More info in this link

More info in this link highlighting multiple shooters at Wisconsin Sikh temple, Aurora theater and Sandy Hook, and Fort Hood and Virginia Tech

Also, again highlights behavioural parallels with 9/11

With all due respect,

With all due respect, something doesn't feel right about Adam Coate and his mass postings and their seemingly all too convenient timing. It not my intent to make knowingly false accusation, or create something out of nothing, but my gut is telling me something isn't right about this... i see he's been member 13 weeks +, yet not making a single post during this time, as far as i can tell from clicking on his recent posts, yet all of the sudden, on around 21st Jan he started making many posts at once.

Mass posts have effect of pushing down news stories/blogs, thereby effectively removing them from top of list and possibly from main discussion, and away from/out of view of first time/inexperienced visitors to the site. These posts are in my opinion mostly benign in nature, almost a repetition of Amy Goodman type news or similar, yet without any sharpened focus against towards or about members of this criminal elite syndicate. Of course not every blog has this focus nor perhaps should it, as we all like to have some balance for gives more background to overall picture, or take breather every now and again, but something feels funny here...

i notice with the 21st date, that is nearly exactly when things are way busy with Sandy Hook discussion, then again with Martin Luther King, some hard core analysis of 9/11, fake skeptics and conspiracy analysis, etc., etc.. Check it out, when there is busy discussion about hard hitting issues, then all of sudden the board gets swamped or blasted or jammed with these blog posting. It happened again last night....

Also, i don't see him making any comment, either internally within his own post or within any discussion in any other blog post, rather it's only copy paste part of the story into each blog, and sometimes without care missing parts of words, as in Holy Land case

I learned during interaction with Occupy forum/blog on their main website that there are/were plants in these blogs to infiltrate quash and/or steer discussion. Here's something similar...


I wouldn't trust Veteranstoday to tell the time.

"The world is a dangerous

"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."
- Albert Einstein

Sandy Hook DA cites 'potential suspects,' fears witness safety

"Connecticut State's Attorney Stephen Sedensky has argued that unsealing warrants in the Sandy Hook case might "seriously jeopardize" the investigation by disclosing information known only to other "potential suspects."

Sedensky said that unsealing the warrants would also:
""identify persons cooperating with the investigation, thus possibly jeopardizing their personal safety and well-being." "

The statement by the CT prosecutor's office is the first indication from state authorities that Adam Lanza may have not acted alone."


The Sandy Hook Tragedy: An Inquisitive Visit to Newtown, CT

"My partner and I became fed up with the mainstream media’s depiction of what took place in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012.

So on January 20 we traveled there from our home in Ottawa, Canada in an effort to visit the sites and respectfully approach the locals.

Before we even got off the highway there was a display of dozens of American flags on the shoulder. There is a large tented memorial located just off the freeway. The tent had a sign on the outside, “Sandy Hook Memorial Never Forgotten.”"