I didn't see the "Idle No More" Flash Mob @ Kingsway, but called the cops instead

YouTube: 9/11 Truthers bullied by security guy who had a cop do his censoring of free speech.

By Doug Brinkman January 5, 2013

Archived 9/11 video footage from July 2010 added to this 2013 talk show discussion on activism. I tried to arrange meetings with Edmonton City Council last year over the on-going harassment by local police and peace officers during my civil information actions that include leafleting and collecting petitions.

I was hoping the City would help me resolve my freedom of rights issues that are suppose to be guaranteed by Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms. To Date The City of Edmonton has not responded to my request but I'm pleased to report that I've experienced a lot less harassment during civil information actions last year in 2012. "I'm glad to get this off my chest on today's radio show" with local radio 630 CHED's Sgt AUBREY ZALASKI and Cst PATRICK TRACY - COP TALK .

I also want to point out that one of the two hosts of 630 CHED's Cop Talk signed last year's petition calling for a Made In Canada Public Investigation of 9/11. The 900 plus petitions I personally collected in Edmonton now sit in some politicians office collecting dust cause no elected representative in Ottawa is willing to read this important petition in Parliament. 

 The Flash Mob I missed today at Kingsway Mall/ Edmonton Alberta Canada...
Video By Activist Paula Kirman

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