"Experts Speak Out" Runs On Greenville NC Public Channel (23)

"Experts Speak Out" will air three times this week in Greenville, NC, on the public cable channel, channel 23. Show times are 11 pm tonight (Mon., Jan 7th, 2013), 9 pm Thursday (Jan.,10th), and 2 am Friday (Jan., 11th). It is only available to cable subscribers (Suddenlink Cable) and probably only subscribers in Pitt County (Greenville is county seat).

Double Dose Today

Plus there was an early morning airing already. http://gpattv.org/

I'm the Local Producer for this. The station manager said that it aired a couple of time during the holidays as well. I previously contacted him when there was a drop-off to see if anyone was giving him flak. He said that he did receive 1 anonymous call, but he's not going to let that deter him.

Thanks Pecosin Rat for doing this update.