Need URL of Pataki Giuliani press conference video

A short while ago somebody sent me a link to a 9-12-2001 press conference held by Pataki and Giuliani in which the latter said that the Towers disappeared due to the "aftereffects" of the plane crashes. I thought it would be easy to find on google so I didn't make a note of the URL. It's not on google---just a shortened version without the crucial words.

Anybody know where it is?

Are you refering to the Police Accademy vid?

It has a brown background and an aluminum clock? There is a short one c. 1 and a half minutes and a longer one that is a Fox montage which then pulls into what I think is a pool feed of Pataki and Giuliani.....

short here:

Fox, with montage and and then close up of the presser:

Are those the ones? Because I am having trouble getting a hit on Sep. 12th. These are on the 11th I think but a search on 12th pulls them up as well. They did a joint presser on the following Friday as well. Get back I will keep looking.


A striking thing

A striking thing to me about the clip which I believe you are referring to is that the journalist doesn't ask whether or not there were explosions, but rather presumes that the occurrence of explosions in the towers is an established fact. And this presumption further implies that this fact is common knowledge among members of the press corps. And the fact that this presumption prompts no apparent controversy among her peers in the press, or anyone in the room, including those on the podium, supports the view that it truly is common knowledge among them.

The question wasn't whether or not there were explosions in the towers, but rather, might they have had something to do with the eventual destruction of the towers (gee, you think maybe?!!). But oh how hard it has been with some people in the years since, simply trying to get them to accept a reality that was undisputed on that very day--that there were indeed explosions in the buildings.

Also, the way Kerik gets all nervous and shifty-eyed when the subject of explosions is raised.