The Corbett Report: Deadline Headlines with Jack Blood Interview 579 Jan 16, 2013

The Corbett Report: Deadline Headlines with Jack Blood Interview 579 Jan 16, 2013

Jack Blood of joins us for our regular conversation on news and headlines from across the US and around the globe. This month we cover: Sandy Hook and gun control, government by crisis, the mysterious death of Aaron Swartz, and much more.


Some highlights from a great show!

sandy hook
poor aurora guy getting overshadowed
crazy misdirection anomalies
new world town connecticut massacre
massive obfuscation
anyone speculating what might have happened should be shut down or arrested
let us not tolerate outrageous CT - GWB

9/11 of public shootings
everyone talking about gun control can't even talk about sports without guns getting into it
got everything wrong
2nd shooter 3rd shooter ?
Adam Lanza computer genius
entire internet history scrubbed
father of alleged shooter/patsy #1 bean counter at ge financial .5 trill in assets
assaults weapons case even though no assault weapons used
jealous of mother spending time at school but she wasn't a teacher
one thing after another none of it adds up
actors no planes hit holograms dis mis info
descended into info anarchy
very concerned about safety of children
why no video footage
no evidence to prove what is official story
debunking zero dark thirty
no body no witness yet seals dropping like flies

never mind what happened, we've moved to the solution part of the program =)
false flag.....
had solution prepared before it happened

descension into government by crises
crises events hyped 24/7


media feeding

population led along by the nose
alternative media sometimes led along by the nose

more people buying guns than ever before
executive orders - guns and people will be made illegal !
imaginary fiscal cliff

tactic of turning people against each other

gun debate illusion to cover for something else.......
weapon of mass distraction a lot to do about nothing

mental heath testing needs to take place
"new freedom initiative"
test to see if we're a good slave or bad slave
broken machine or good machine
conforming or not conforming
then put them on drugs, which Obama care policy will cover ...
getting neighbor to watch each other to decide if he/she is school shooter, mall shooter, theater shooter, etc.

if only more mental health care than this wouldn't happen, blah blah blah
armed troops at re-education camps aka schools
many laws already on books that don't stop public shootings
no food list, no fly list, no gun list, no rent list, no breathe list
was is assault weapons ban in conn but what good did it do
more laws selectively enforced regarding who u know who u blow etc.
Aaron Swartz death already decided what happened
he was voice speaking out about what's happening
genius billionaire taken out what chance do rest of us have
wrote manifesto about all exciting things he was doing wanted to do

knee jerk reaction solution
Bin Laden publicity stunt before Obama's election

knocking off best protectors of internet
"suicide" in ridiculous ways - people going to length documenting how they're not going to kill themselves yet end up dead by "hanging or whatever other ludicrous way", yet person loves life loves family etc.

fantastic and fantabulous stories to blow things out of proportion - Gene Rosen parlay this into smearing or arresting CT
JD Rockefeller 4th controlling internet is his pet project
planned internet pearl harbor - people die b/c hacking on internet
rally troops to start legislation, to take away internet
we've lost tv, lost radio, lost print
well, maybe not print entirely, except you can get arrested for passing something out
internet patriot act
get rid of anyone that's in the way
Richard Clark talked about it
waiting for next big pearl harbor

question is what to do
talk about it amongst all of us, like on these shows
evil hacktavist, hack into internet and creates event
people dead, blame on internet, and shut down

gather equipment
pirate internet be ready

arming the internet info highway patrol
EMP attack volume rising
no electricity
total anarchy
violence war
set up to be blamed on North Korea, or other supposed enemy or make believe enemy

we knew they were coming 9/11 morning
prior knowledge
preparing that very day that very minute

PTOG phoenix program of psychological warfare

Operation Gladio
"catch the terrorist"
massive psych warfare on american people
up to us to slow it down stop it and expose it

stay bold my friend mighty forces will come to your aid!!!

what a great show!
thank you Jack Blood and James Corbett for speaking truthfully and candidly about some of our most important issues


thanks for the many brilliant minds that contribute in their own unique ways