Conspiracy theories insult us all - Edmonton Journal Editorial

It saddens me but does not surprise me as one long time Edmonton 9/11 truth activist, that a few clown radio personalities who claim to be 9/11 truthers will get their due in the Edmonton Journal ( mostly from the Austin Texas area ). These pundits chronically spread bizarre, outlandish conspiracy theories that's completely unrelated to 9/11, such as chem trails, poison in the tap water, world depopulating flu shots, fema camps and now Newtown school massacre hoaxes. These ad driven, alternative media mouth pieces don't represent the 9/11 truth movement as Kay insists, but only embarrass themselves. Jonathon Kay managing editor of the National Post and author of "Among The Truthers" can't be selling too many of his books either since Kay doesn't attempt to debunk any of the evidence of controlled demolition of the 3 towers including WTC7 .

My Wife ( not a 9/11 truther) and once interviewed by Kay for his incomplete book has a few thoughts of her own this latest story " Swallowing The Camel" featuring a post titled Wednesday weirdness round-up " Off the Hook: Conspiracy theories about the shootings in Connecticut, if they can even be called “theories”, are starting to draw attention from mainstream newspapers, websites... Read More:

As so far as 9/11 goes, the polls of world public opinion clearly indicate that the official 9/11 story is in serious doubt, no help by Kay's corporate media, but by grassroots movements who seek the truth around the world and even here in hometown Edmonton. 900 petitioned signatures were collected in Edmonton in 2011 calling on Canada to investigate 9/11.... go figure!

Conspiracy theories insult us all

Edmonton Journal Editorial January 17, 2013

The horrors of last month’s Newtown school massacre echoed anew Wednesday as Barack Obama presented a package of reforms aimed at curbing gun violence in the U.S. The president has taken on the burden of selling gun control to a nation with the highest rate of firearm ownership of any country in the world. Too many guns, too many looming fiscal crises — what else could dire circumstance possibly lay at his door? How about too many conspiracy theories? The so-called “truther” movement that has attached itself to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting is giving skepticism a bad name. What it says about the general credulity of segments of that well-armed American population is equally bad. In case you missed it, there’s a school of thought out there that contends the shooting, which left 20 children and seven adults dead, was a hoax perpetuated by the Obama administration in order to ratchet up support for tougher gun-control measures. Trained “crisis actors” were recruited as part of this subterfuge. Mossad agents might have also been involved. Many of the people trading in this nonsense appear to have ties to the 9-11 truthers who have long held that the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, were an inside job by the George W. Bush administration. Crazy? A 30-minute YouTube video that details a slew of the conspiracy theories surrounding the Newtown school shooting has gone viral, earning more than 8.8 million views since it was posted on Jan. 7. Families who lost loved ones and residents in the town have been inundated with hateful messages by people who believe they are part of the government and media conspiracy tied to the gun-control agenda. There’s no question that most people are hard-wired to love a conspiracy theory. Every generation has one. The UFO coverup, the multiple shooters of the Kennedy assassination, the staged landing on the moon. A small but fervent group of people still believe there was something suspicious about the death of Princess Diana, and that Elvis Presley is still alive. There are some of us who feel the need to find meaningful patterns in the random scatter; some are bent to believe the world is controlled by an invisible agent. For the most part these folks are harmless oddballs who have always been with us — they’ve been politely listened to and quietly ignored by journalists for centuries — and for the most part they peddle their paranoia among themselves. But as Jonathan Kay points out in his 2011 book Among the Truthers, the Internet has turbocharged the conspiracist movement. A vast conspiracist subculture is taking hold in the U.S. and it’s beginning to influence mainstream politics. You need not be a conspiracy freak, for example, to suspect that the National Rifle Association is behind some of this libertine extremism that’s been occupying the American news agenda of late. Urban myths are one thing, virulent self-delusion is another. The truthers will not set us free. In fact their ludicrous theories shackle us to a frightening reality. There are too many illinformed cranks in this world, and in the United States many of those cranks own guns.

There is TRUTH and subset 9/11 Truth

both movements are vigilant and vocal.

I am grateful that a growing percentage of the population is paying attention.

When "9/11 Truth" loosed the blinders it opened Pandora's Box.

9/11 truth's Pandora's Box

opened the door for paranoia and hap-hazardous conspiracy theories...
Conspiracy theories insult us all - including 911 truthers

Shame on the 911 Truth Movement being a part of this poison pill ...

Hope you all enjoy your

Hope you all enjoy your mission together - you and faux and cnn and msnbc and fake alternative news and bad actors and dis mis info agents and exploiters and everyone else who's controlled, compromised and upset that although dark night might be rising, ultimately and finally, the light of Truth will shine forever and ever. A-men.



The obvious TRUTH of 9/11 loosed our blinders and opened our eyes to the fact Pandora's Box is wide open.

Bad Jacketing/Death by Association/Smear Campaign

by including the target idea/individual/movement (9/11 Truth Movement) along with another topic (Sandy Hook Truther Movement) or personality that is disliked or discredited (UFOs, anti-semitism, nazis, etc.), the original subject (9/11 Truth) can be smeared and dismissed. (CNN, Anderson Cooper & Jonathan Kay) These smear campaigns can be extremely effective, as most people are very concerned with the image of a group or subject that they might get involved with. While not entirely due to disinformation, you can see this dynamic at work in the generalized image of “conspiracy theories.” For some reason, many diverse topics—UFOs, 9/11, JFK, Illuminati, Satanism, New World Order, Shapeshifting Aliens—are commonly conflated with each other in people’s minds.

COPY/PASTED from "DisinformationInfiltration, Misinformation, Disruption"

If and when this Sandy Hook Hoax is proven BS - The 9/11 Truth movement will take another hit against it's integrity and WE WILL ALL LOOK BAD FOR IT! Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists need to go it alone without the integrity of the 9/11 truth movement being dragged into this by corporate media's Jonathon Kay (Post Media) , Anderson Cooper (CNN) and the so called 9/11 truthers radio pundits who drag us into this mud each and every day they spew out horse pucky.

Here is a good one.......To be archived at No Lies Radio

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Higher Education and Academic Freedom Under Attack

Welcome to the Morning Mix. This is the Project Censored Show on Pacifica Radio. I’m Mickey Huff, my co-host Peter Phillips is out this week. Today’s program- Higher Education and Academic Freedom Under Attack. We look at the corporate attack on pubic education via the Trojan Horse of the so-called “Reform” Movement and we examine the state academic freedom in the US as we speak with a professor who has challenged the status quo on official narratives in recent history. We’ll hear from Prof. Adam Bessie on GERM Warfare; and Kenn Burrows from SFSU joins the discussion to talk about new paths in education. At the bottom of the hour we’ll turn our focus to academic freedom and how the corporate media frame and shape public perception on issues from education to ongoing controversial current events. We’ll speak with communications professor Dr. James Tracy about his recent writings on the Newtown shootings and the role of a free press; and attorney Robert Shibley of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education on broader issues addressing academic freedom and the First Amendment…

Show Hosts: Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips. Broadcast from Berkeley–Hard hitting News and Public Affairs with hosts Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips of Project Censored on KPFA’s morning show. The mission of Project Censored is to teach students and the public about the role of a free press in a free society and to tell the News That Didn't Make the News and Why. Broadcasted Live on KPFA & No Lies Radio/Pacifica Radio on January 18, 2013.


Project Censored Comes Out Of Sanoma State

Many consider, Peter Phillips is one of them, Sonoma State to be a state ivy that are, despite the onslaught by the economy on education as a whole, like Sonoma State, UNC,Chapel Hill or UVa , Yales and Harvards for the rest of us. Here, James Tracy will be discussed and interviewed.
Oh, no, Mickey Huff, what are you thinking! You will put your state ivytude at dire risk for daring to discuss anything as controversial as a university sitting on the head of a tenured professer, to say nothing of Sandy Hook.

Fear of what others think,

Fear of what others think, may cause us to not think clearly or not investigate something that beckons investigation.

i try to pursue truth for truth sake, not because i'm trying to be a part of some in group, yet of course it is comforting to know there are others who share similar view. It seems everything is connected, and by discouraging analysis in one area, can detract from us having understanding in another area

As Joe eloquently stated, there is Truth and subset 9/11 Truth

There are many similarities between Sandy Hook and 9/11. Hiding from or worrying about smear campaign from controlled, compromised and lying msm is waste of effort, and absolutely counterproductive. There are so many glaring anomalies, which millions can see, and more millions are waking up to everyday, therefore, they resort to these shallow tactics, and anyone with clear mind can see and is onto their game/trickery

By you trying to discourage discussion, it is similar to Lt Vance warning people not to upload info to their social networking sites, saying he or they were only ones who were fit to handle things. He is only one with freedom of speech and will define for us what is our reality. bah humbug barney fife. Btw, are you sure you're not having other agenda or work for some entity who is trying to quash our discussion of all matters which pertain to Truth

If we can try to be more open

If we can try to be more open minded and less attached to given position, it seems more easy to enable healthy discussion

Unless there is strong evidence disproving something, why label, slander and try to marginalize those who are proponents of it
Maybe there are some beliefs you or Mr Kay hold dear that others would not agree with, yet you probably wouldn't want them to belittle you

We all perhaps at one time or another, will say and do many things to try to hold onto to our world view, which has maybe been with us our whole life, and when contrary view comes about, it causes pain, conflict and frustration, and the way our mind or ego deals with it, often times, is to fight it, rather than make necessary hard work of objective analysis

Sandy Hook's Thruthers - Has a nice sound to it !

I see INFOWAR has an excellent forum for discussions on the Sandy Hook conspiracy - Folks I'll put another way, I'm saying that some 9/11 truthers to whom I sometimes refer as the INFOWAR crowd, those who love working overtime burning off horrendous amounts of time and energy with un-related 9/11 conspiracies theories - (You know who you are) would you mind taking it to any other forum besides under the the highly respectable 9/11 Truth banner?

No - I didn't think so...

Why would you go anywhere else with un-related bazaar conspiracies besides under the banner of a 9/11 truth web site. This has been going on for a long time with most forums under the 9/11 truth banner except respectable sites like ae911Truth where your not going to find Sandy Hook hoaxes , flu shot world depopulation programs, fluoride poison in city tap water, mind numbing chem trails in the sky and those endless conspiracies that Zionists are behind everything that's gone wrong on the planet ---ahem: including Sandy Hook according to one or perhaps now more prominent Veterans Today columnist and contributors... They too have an excellent forum on conspiracy theories.

In 2007-2008 almost every city in Canada had a productive 911 truth movement happening ... Today there are a few token groups still existing but most have gone on to other conspiracies and have thrown in the towel on 911 truth. I put this YouTube together in memory of that once vibrant 9/11 truth movement in Canada as a reminder how unrelated conspiracies can has a negative effect on the 9/11 truth movement

- I'm interested in feed back please...

Title: Olympics - Tush! Tush! Fear little boys with bugs.
Synopses - How one un-related 9/11 conspiracy left mud in the eye of Canada's 9/11 Truth Movement and seemed to decimate most of the movement soon after...

For months leading up to the winter Olympics this "RED ALERT WARNING" that went viral and originated by the Canadian 911 Truth Movement, GCN Network and American freedom radio I argued and pleaded with fellow 9/11 truthers to focus on the topic of 9/11 and that this latest Olympic conspiracy was just another distraction taking your focus away from pursuing an investigation of 9/11 in Canada - I was called a traitor, and agent provocateur , an agent working for the Zionists ... After the Canadian winter Olympics was over , so were most of the 911 truth webs sites with forums that entertained destructive 9/11 unrelated conspiracy theories ...

Keep up your good work in

Keep up your good work in trying to quash others from seeking truth

obviously we're all not a bright as you are

we don't need no education
we don't need no thought control
no dark sarcasm in the classroom
hey 'thought control police' leave them kids alone

Access Denied for a whole 5 minutes - That was close

Sorry , but I'm not trying to insult or offend anyone here ajcsea - I have for years voiced my concerns as one 911 truther with aims to protect the integrity of the 911 truth movement - it's worth protecting because it is the number one conspiracy that's both true and it deserves the worlds attention... Thanks for letting me back in to the forum ! Conspiracy theories insult us all - Including 9/11 truthers...

PS - Love Pink Floyd !

Access Denied continues with my post - "Sandy Hook's Thruthers - Has a nice sound to it !" ( too bad I can't correct my grammar and spelling mistakes for now but
If your thinking legal actions over my video from the Jack Blood Camp, NP the truth hurts even with the best radio pundits who screw up- and besides I have a few legal concerns of my own with American Freedom radio and Jack Blood accusing me on air as being an CSIS agent for the Canadian Government from a August 2009 broadcast. I won't go off topic here about it but for those interested with more details you can learn more at a blog I manage -

Available Now

Let's see what these guys have to say:

Project Censored on No Lies Radio

At the bottom of the hour we’ll turn our focus to academic freedom and how the corporate media frame and shape public perception on issues from education to ongoing controversial current events. We’ll speak with communications professor Dr. James Tracy about his recent writings on the Newtown shootings and the role of a free press; and attorney Robert Shibley of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education on broader issues addressing academic freedom and the First Amendment…

Seems more like you're trying

Seems more like you're trying to undermine it, and blame for your view of a lessening Canadian truth movement on some supposed flawed prediction, which some of your interviewees didn't even know about.

I'm surprised to hear truth movement has slowed in Canada. I always thought it was strong there. I believe there are many brilliant dedicated and conscientious 9/11 researchers in Canada. Maybe it is still strong but we don't see as much outside activity since perhaps now days it's more difficult for people to meet anywhere in public discussing these matters and that maybe they'll get arrested for passing out flyers, DVD's, etc. I don't know...

it seems depressing and counterproductive that you went to so much effort making video to highlight mistake by others, and who knows, maybe those who voiced their concerns about potential issues at the olympics, did have some positive effect against elite agenda, since after all it was a peaceful event. It's hard to know for sure either way

I find it difficult to comprehend that anyone could see the lies within 9/11 yet not see even one of the many anomalies within Sandy Hook, and additionally the many similarities in modus operandi. One anomaly or problem or falsity within any official narrative seems to bring the whole narrative under question.

Sandy Hook might be the most positive thing that's happened for 9/11 truth in a long while. It shows people the many tricks and deception used to create an event. Also, when people go to much effort to discourage investigation into Sandy Hook, or try to negatively correlate any effort, it highlights to me that there's more going on, and makes me want to look more closely.

it seems you are working for agenda to hurt the truth movement

Because its the media,

Because its the media, stupid* This time they have done it. The media has created a perfect storm nay, a veritable shit-storm of ineptitude and duplicity. This subject goes toward the veracity of the press as a whole both in form and in fuction.

During the Vietnam war Dow Chemical, producer of Napalm, had the audacity to whine that while they were one of the minor contributors to defense they were "the first in revilement." Imagine, a minority contributor to weaponry on a dollar for dollar basis whining because their baby boiling substance was only a minor contribution to the over all war effort and the ensuent revilement made them uncomfortable. Hint: Goering told William L.Shirer that he, Goering, was humane . Well, like Dow, the media, is first in access but last in audience participation and influence . How can that be? Because their job is not to influence or elucidatate their job is to dictate; they are the propaganda wing of the government and not the fourth estate that you well might believe.


The media is a serious problem - I agree!

Especially when the likes of Jonathan Kay of Post Media ( Canada's Largest Newspaper Chain) and Anderson Cooper of CNN can easily exploit and cash in on the conspiratorial truthers who adopt unrelated 911 conspiracies and enter them in to the 911 truth movement like a Trojan horse. Like the Sandy Hook Trojan Horse under the banner of " The 911 Truth Movement" Good Grief! We deserve what we get from main stream media when we carelessly hurt the integrity of the 9/11 truth movement for allowing this to happen.

Good Grief - INDEED!

I don't think you are getting my position

"Good Grief! We deserve what we get from main stream media when we carelessly hurt the integrity of the 9/11 truth movement for allowing this to happen." To me that statement assumes that they get it right from time to time. I don't think they do. I think it is total control, all the time propaganda with no respite. As for the media, why isn't Anderson Cooper who claims to have access to even the President, jumping in his Lexus (or similar) and driving down to Sandy Hook and getting a glimpse of the evidence. AC is Yale and Manuscript Society who "are selected for their strength in academics, extracurricular activities, character and commitment to truth." (Source: Wiki) Why is he debating a State School proffesor and trying to pass that off as journalism and the 5 Ws? And speaking of Ws Bush got a gentleman's C from Yale and Cooper is supposed to be a scholar. This is Jerry Springer shit this isn't journalism.


"To me that statement assumes that they get it right from time to time. I don't think they do. I think it is total control, all the time propaganda with no respite."

"This is Jerry Springer shit this isn't journalism."

This is what you get when tasked with deceiving the public ad nauseam. They (MSM) will use every tool they have to control your thinking, form your opinion, keep you bamboozled.

I think the masses are figuring this out.

NOTHING is as we are told.

The media

The media encourages us to have strong opinions about things we know little or nothing about. And it's not coincidence that those things we are led to believe follows someone else's agenda. The owners of media have a stake in what the news is. I believe what I do about 9/11 because like most here I've dedicated long study and see how the evidence for our position corroborates that view and is consistent. The information we have at this time on the event at Sandy Hook is incomplete, but the agenda -- gun control -- was trotted out immediately.

Good Grief Joe, This YouTube is a sad commentary to your point

are you serious...? What people believe prevails over the truth. SOPHOCLES, The Sons of Aleus

I'm still denied access to my post "Sandy Hook's Thruthers - Has a nice sound to it !"
grammar and edits will have to wait... I'll add to that YouTubube - - "Tush! Tush! Fear little boys with bugs."
This is a line taken from William Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew"

More Synopsis to the YouTube:

Canada just beat the U.S. during Olympic gold medal hockey in Vancouver. Weeks prior a shipment of explosive ammonia nitrate mysteriously disappeared in route to Vancouver from Edmonton. For months leading up to the winter Olympics social media conspiracies were already abuzz warning of a false flag terrorist attack in Vancouver. Social media's Montreal 9/11 Truth, The Truther Girls, Infowar, We Are Change were raising the alarms of a possible false flag attack in Vancouver. This scare-mongering that came typically from the former Bush administration and corporate media was now coming from a small few voices with-in the 9/11 truth movement. It ultimately damaged the credibility of the 911 truth movement and became an embarrassment for all involved.

Rumors are nearly as old as human history, but with the rise of the Internet, they have become ubiquitous. In fact we are now awash in them. False rumors are especially troublesome; they impose real damage on individuals and institutions, and they often resist correction. They can threaten careers, policies, public officials, and sometimes even democracy itself. Quoted by Cass R. Sunstein - On Rumors

Is anybody getting anybody?

Can't we at least agree on this?: Isn't the fact that the media is non-stop propaganda and distortion precisely the reason why we ought to be careful not to make their jobs even easier--that we not play into their hands, as best we can--by being careful in what we assert? I can appreciate people noting inconcistencies and raising questions, as I've seen here; but in some forums it can go beyond that, and people take the forcefulness with which they assert their beliefs about what happened as a substitute for facts and careful analysis.

Too many poison pills - Sandy Hook Conspiracy last straw

Since your able to deny my access to my earlier posts on this forum sjcsea, please remove me "Archie's Creek" completely from 911 Blogger. This Sandy Hook is too much poison for me to digest - Thanks for allowing me to participate up til now.

enjoy your mission

enjoy your mission


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"Since your able to deny my access to my earlier posts on this forum sjcsea"

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