Marsh DENYS connections with paul bremer
This video details a phone call I logged with marsh & mclennan, with the hopes that I could get past the automated messaging system, past the secretarys, and onto someone who could actually give me the information I needed. Paul bremer was a former employee of marsh, and had offices directly in the impact zone of the WTCs. I was inquiring as to some basic information, such as how long his employment span was, what his job description was, and what resources he had at his disposal. Alas, these ambitions were dashed as I got stuck in a tail chasing battle with a low ranking secretary.

Between my disjointed ramblings (stumbling over everything I wanted to cover), and her constant interuptions and evasions of my questions, the performance really is quite comical. Apparently, until I am able to come up with a work number (which only the actual employee is privy too!), they will not be able to disclose the details of mr bremers service with marsh. Sounds like a coverup to me! I logged a similiar call with thomson financial -joseph kasputys company- but it was more or less the same deal. This kind of work is clearly above my pay grade.

As of this point, I am going to have to pass the buck off to more senior 911 researchers, like kevin ryan, or jeremy rys (aka, AlienScientist). In any event, it is time for the truth movement to change their behaviour as it pertains to aquiring justice for the victims of the september 11th false flag attacks. With the information at our disposal, we can aquire a LEGAL indictment of these men. There needs to be a high pressure campaign to track down the 911 suspects, and force them to talk about their actions leading up to the attacks.

Here are some links that detail bremers close proximity to the september 11th attacks:
-Bremers interview with MSNBC. Watch his body language CLOSELY:
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