UK 911 Truth Movement steps up pressure on Members of Parliament to investigate BBC bias on 911

The 911 Truth movement in the UK is sending letters to members encouraging the use of UK government websites
designed to enable people to easily raise issues with members of parliament (MP's). MP's are being asked to address
the BBC's bias of 911 "truth" theories after it released a documentary containing biased and innacurate information and presented a completely
one sided view. The BBC has a Royal Charter to present information to the public in an impartial and unbiased manner and in this case
are in breach of their Royal Charter.

The letter sent to members is below and details evidence to the contrary of that contained within the BBC documentary, that has been presented to the BBC and to which they have not reported. The evidence comes from the likes of Richard Gage of

Dear seekers of 9/11 truth and UK based AE911truth petition signers

Our media has been lying to us about the true facts of 9/11 and witholding vital evidence that they have a duty to show to the public. As a consequence, our rights and freedoms continue to be taken away from us here in the UK, our British troops continue to die fighting fraudulent wars based on lies and manufactured events, and hundreds of thousands of innocent people around the world are being needlessly murdered. The BBC has conclusive evidence proving that the official story of 9/11 is false, and it is now on their own official records that they possess this evidence, however they refuse to show this evidence to the public.

By completing some very simple actions here, you can help to hold the BBC accountable to its obligations to the British public. You have an opportunity here to support a major action being undertaken here in the UK to hold our media and our politicians to account to help ensure that they allow the true facts and evidence about 9/11 to be shown to the British public.

Our UK based group of 9/11 truth campaigners have for the past year been driving a major campaign with the BBC and the House of Commons Media Committee in an effort to get the BBC to honour its 'Royal Charter and Agreement' with the British public and to show the public the true evidence of 9/11 that has been provided to them by four professional experts of the very highest level during this period. This evidence is overwhelming and is damning, but the BBC refuse to show it and the House of Commons Media Committee refuse to hold the BBC accountable for breaching their 'Royal Charter and Agreement' by witholding this evidence.

The House of Commons Media Committee have stated that this issue must first be addressed by individuals contacting their local MPs. We do not agree with this position because the same Media Committee has already got involved with addressing the phone hacking scandal and the BBC cover up of the Jimmy Savile issue. So the precedent is there for them to take action on this kind of issue. However, this is the position that they have chosen to take and so we are asking you to support this campaign by doing as the Media Committee have stated and contact your local MP and either e-mail them the message we have prepared for you (attached), or send them whatever message you would like to write yourself. If local MPs are asked questions such as this from people within their own constituency, then they are required by law to respond and are required to address the questions that are put to them. They can also then potentially ask the House of Commons Media Committee to take appropriate action to any specific concerns or issues you have raised.

They have a legal process that they must stick to here so let's make that system work to our advantage. All you need to do is complete the following three simple steps:

1. Open this link and enter your post code. . Click on your MPs name and it will open a communication page where you can e-mail a message to your MP.

2. Copy and paste the attached message template into the message box, or write your own message, and send it to your MP

3. Important: Send an e-mail to this e-mail address telling us that you have sent a message and which MP it went to. You do not need to tell us who you are. We just need to know that a message has been sent to that MP because we are going to chart this on our website and hold the MPs accountable to it. They cannot be allowed to hide from this.

For your reference, here is a little more information explaining what this campaign has been about.

In September 2011 the BBC showed two 9/11 conspiracy documentaries to coincide with the tenth anniversary of 9/11. These documentaries were extremely biased to support the official story of 9/11 and as such were in breach of the BBC's own legal requirements to be impartial and to provide factual information. They showed factually incorrect information and they witheld vital evidence which seriously challenges the official story. The BBC were challenged on this through their own formal complaints process, which included being provided with detailed evidence from four expert professionals who each have professional credentials of an extremely high level, as follows:

1. Dwain Deets: Former NASA Director of Aeronautics
2. Richard Gage: CEO of 'Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth'
3. Erik Lawyer: Founder of 'Fire Fighters for 9/11 Truth'
4. Jake Jacobs: Veteran US airline pilot of the same planes as were allegedly involved in 9/11

We can provide you with each of their letters of testimony and evidence if you wish.

As part of this campaign these experts each submitted their seperate documents of evidence to the BBC and asked that it be shown to the public. This request was backed up by hundreds of written requests from the public from all over the world. The BBC refused to show the evidence. So the four experts submitted their evidence to the House of Commons Media Committee and asked them to hold the BBC accountable to the requirements of their Royal Charter and Agreement and to show the evidence to the public. This request to the Media Committee was also supported by hundreds of written requests from the public from all over the world. The Media Committee's response to this was to say that they cannot get involved in this because members of the public must raise these issues through their local MP first.

The evidence provided here is impossible to ignore and there is a legal process here that the MPs must follow, so please support this simple action and send the attached message to your MP asking him/her to answer the simple questions that have been included. Our media and politicians must be held to account to do the jobs that we pay them to do and to give the public the true information about 9/11 that is being withheld. If the public actually get to see this evidence about 9/11 then it can dramatically change the world that we all live in for the better.

Please let us know if you have any questions about any of this and whether you would like any further information.

Many thanks for your help.