Citizen Action Required: To Expose and Shame the U.S. Criminal State

Citizen Action Required: To Expose and Shame the U.S. Criminal State

U.S. citizens do not vote for a criminal state. It is reviled by thinking citizens and is the disgrace of their country around the world. It is in principle as odious as the earlier transnational monopolist corporate criminal conspiracy which financed and built the Nazi war machine. Its supreme objective and strategic logic are analogous in moral framing and organised terror, and wars of aggression to enact the supranational plan are its signature evil.

It could have gone another way. In the midst of the worst fascist period, Roosevelt’s Chairman of the Federal Reserve from 1936 on was Mariner Stoddard Eccles, a wealthy banker, who fought for the indebted majority against the “giant suction pump [which] had by 1929-30 drawn into a few hands an increasing portion of currently produced wealth”.58 Eccles was driven out by the American money party in 1951 though he had years more to serve. Roosevelt chose as his Vice President Henry Wallace as a condition of his accepting nomination. All three stood against “Wall Street fascism and U.S. corporate imperialism”.59 But as Roosevelt died Wallace was blocked from the presidency by the inside money-party powers of the Democrat machine just as Eccles was isolated and attacked by them.

In short, the inside battle for the United States goes very deep, and it is between the very rich corporate powers that both Lincoln and Eisenhower warned of and ‘the common man’ who Roosevelt, Wallace and Eccles stood for at the top. Today no such democratic vision and accountability is permitted in through the revolving doors of big-money control. Obama was sold as the brand for such a change, but he is the greatest serial murderer in contemporary history, and his entry into office is due to Wall Street support. “I am the one standing between you and the pitchforks”, he said after 2008 to a Wall Street elite while presiding over a flood of over $16 trillion dollars of public money to enable it to keep hollowing out the world.60 What drove 9/11 before and after in principle and fact is this same corporate money party: or, more exactly and institutionally by objective criterion, the principals of private transnational money-sequence banks, corporations, syndicates and equity funds distinguished by (1) their repudiation in practice of all life standards, common-interest agencies and requirements which stand in the way of (2) their multiplying private money sequences through all life and life support systems on Earth.

The crisis of Western and world civilisation is laid bare in the undeclared war of life-versus-money codes of value.61 9/11 is its signature event in the third millennium. It enables new police-state rights at home and right to assassination and armed-force invasion abroad, while overriding life and life support systems into ever greater crises to feed and multiply the money-party system. Not one step in this slow-motion end-game does not protect and advance dominant private U.S. corporate money sequences to more control of the world to grow more. Yet there is one great barrier codified into the laws of nations which cannot be overridden if seen - the essential social immune system of human civilisation, the rule of life-protective criminal law. It is already codified in binding covenants among nations and is instituted within the U.S. itself as what governs all except the covert state.

It is this evolved criminal law that has been usurped and reversed most profoundly since 2001. Yet this criminalization of the U.S. state remains unflagged. As we have seen, all the primary forensic questions of criminal investigation of 9/11 have been repressed. Due process of establishing guilt has been overthrown. One U.S. crime after another has been perpetrated with impunity and with no public report of the gravest crimes. The ‘supreme crime’ under law of planning a war of aggression that ‘contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole’ is repeatedly committed and never prosecuted or even identified. The worst crimes against humanity under law are perpetrated without respite – murder, deprivation of access to food , water and medicine, forcible transfers of population, torture, persecution, false imprisonment, enforced disappearances, plunder of public property, wanton destruction of cities, towns or villages. These are all crimes against humanity under law. They are, to cite the Criminal Code of Canada and the Crimes against Humanity and War Crimes Act “recognized by the community of nations, whether or not any constitutes a contravention of the law in force at the time and in the place of its commission.”

The first requirement for stopping ‘international terrorism’, ‘crimes against humanity’, ‘extreme and systematic violations of human rights’ and all the acts of ‘despotism’ of which the U.S. is always accusing others – in particular ‘terrorist activities’ against which it above all claims to prevent and punish – is for the U.S. to comply with the known criminal law. Its satraps like Israel will have to follow. In the primary instance, U.S. offices, agents and institutions are required to comply with national and international criminal law as the sworn duty of office and of institutional legitimacy itself. Criminal activities of murder, torture, kidnapping, and the supreme crime of war invasion must be ruled out, as they are not now, and the U.S. and its criminal axis of mass terrorism and killing be named. Not even the 9/11 truth movement yet does this as published criminal charge.62 In fact who does recognise the undeniable criminal agents and institutions now ruling? The ultimate moral, legal and political issue is almost nowhere raised. This is the more basic issue than independent investigation of the 9/11 crime inside the U.S. It is the recognition of the instituted criminal agency behind 9/11 which is still plotting supreme crimes of which 9/11 is the striking new homeland version.

Just as citizens of the criminal state of Nazi Germany have not been forgiven by excuses that ‘we did not know what was going on’, is there any more reason U.S. citizens be forgiven for the continuous war crimes and crimes against humanity by their government with which they have been silently complicit? The same question applies to citizens of allied governments that have participated in or – in Israel’s case – led the crimes. There is far more evidence of these crimes now than there was in the Third Reich. Silence is of course how the criminal state continues with moral and legal impunity. Once clear identification of the lead individuals and institutions as proven mass murderers and oppressors for power and gain, they lose their face and legitimacy. The worst tyrants on earth – who also drape themselves in flag and country - fear this exposure so much they seal the lips of their citizens by terror. Eventually they collapse as they are increasingly recognised as what they are – the vilest criminals, serial murderers, liars, torturers, looters of others’ lives and resources. Why is this invincible moral conclusion under law not publicly spoken?