Clinton Terror Testimony Forgets '93 Bombing

"Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave senators a thoughtful argument this morning in favor of helping French troops in their mission to help stabilize the government in Mali, arguing that the United States has to act in advance to protect the American homeland. But she forgot two important event in making her case.

"People say to me all the time, well, AQIM hasn't attacked the United States. Well, before 9/11, 2011, we hadn't been attacked on our homeland since, I guess, the War of 1812 and Pearl Harbor. So you can't say, well, because they haven't done something, they're not going to do it," she said. "This is not only a terrorist syndicate; it is a criminal enterprise."

That's not entirely accurate. The World Trade Center in Clinton's adopted home state of New York was bombed in 1993 when her husband was president of the United States. In addition, although it was homegrown terrorism, most people would agree that the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing was also terrorism on the homeland".

This is more lies to cover up

This is more lies to cover up for the real mission of destabilizing governments and societies everywhere to ultimately control them, steal their resources and make geo-strategic positioning. Both sides either know these are lies or delude/anesthetize themselves so they can have possibility for sleeping at night.

She is herself part of the real terrorist syndicate, the real criminal enterprise. Anyhow, anything she and any of the congressman say back and forth to each other is just hot air and for show, since all real policy is either already decided or decided without relevance to any congressional approval, or otherwise. It is dog and pony show to keep the pretend system of checks and balances alive, while in reality it is long since dead/non-existant/blown to smithereens same as the twin towers. This country is in a dictatorship, as clear as 9/11 official narrative is false, of which Obama and Ms Clinton are convenient acquiescing puppets in their masters' immoral demonic humanity destroying money accumulation paradigm.

La Gloire du France

Just like in the days of Dien Bien Phu, the Glory of France doesn't spread very far. Allons,enfants de la Patrie,Le jour de gloire est arrivé! Come, children of the motherland the day of Glory has arrived, goes the lyrics to the stirring French National Anthem, La Marseillaise; but on the way we must first get these Gypsies of our f*ing lawns, stock up on vin, fromage and Perrier and of course get some help from our American friends. So, much for La Gloire!

Oh, and nothing cuts the taste of cordite off the toungue like a good, hearty Burgandy.

I think Giuliani or one of his staffers

Forgot once to mention the WTC 93 bombing as terrorism, too. A pattern? Will look for source, it was in regards to establish the OEM EOC in WTC 7


Perhaps they are trying to divorce themselves from those stories having lost ownership of them.