Michael Moore: "I support... hope for A New Investigation"

We Are Change spoke with Mr. Moore and he agrees that we need a New Investigation and he wants to see the Videos from the PENTAGON.

We Are Change
Los Angeles

"canadian bacon"

Moore gave already a hint on his insights regarding terrorism.

In the year 1995 he filmed his movie "Canadian bacon":

There after the cold-war, the industrial-military sector suffers on spending cuts by the President of the United States. It is clear: America needs a war and a new enemy; during a presidential discussion the US-President makes the proposal: "International terrorisms?". After false-flag attacks by "Canadians", finally Canada became the new enemy, thanks to a hysteric Media-campaign. The US-people really thought, the worst about their neighbors, and were willing to go to war.

With that background, his silence regarding 911truth and his movie "Fahrenheit 911" is rare, it is almost just a "limited hangout".

'limited hangout"

Calling for "pentagon tapes" smacks of limited hangout, it must be said.

Michael Moore's repellent defense of "Zero Dark Thirty"


Playing it safe

I'm sorry to say it, as one who has liked some of his films very much, but I really don't look to Michael Moore for much of anything at this point. He seems to me to have become one of those people about whom MLK spoke when he referred to those who ask, 'Is it safe? Is it politic? Is it popular?' rather than 'Is it right?' The people he is careful not to alienate, of course, being rich establishment liberals. He sounds so immersed in partisan dogma these days, prepared to rationalize in the case of a Democratic administration what he would be sure to savage in the case of a Republican one. Recently, he has praised the film 'Zero Dark Thirty,' arguing that it actually promotes the cause of 'detective work' over torture. That didn't sit well with one commentator I've read:


BTW, this critique of Moore (the writer's name is Mark Epstein) includes a favorable (if awkwardly constructed) reference to 9/11 truth (most welcome, and particularly impressive, as that is something difficult to slip past the editors at Counterpunch):

"Let alone the connections, as argued by many disbelievers in the “official 9/11 propaganda”, to the real background this act of most likely state-terrorism, on the model of those the US and NATO engaged in repeatedly during the times of Gladio and the so-called “strategia della tensione” in Italy. So that the ‘false flag’ explanatory model is far from either irrational, unprecedented, or having many items of evidence, from nano-thermite to engineering guidelines, to rates and manner of building collapse, on its side… "