Calling Out The Hypocritical, War-Loving Left

Another solid report from James Corbett

"One would have thought, given this fervent anti-war sentiment, that these same groups would be overjoyed that Republican congressmen would be willing to reach across the aisle and submit a resolution to impeach the Commander-in-Chief should he wage another unconstitutional war by committing American forces to the destruction of Syria without so much as authorization from Congress. In fact, just such a move did take place last year, but rather than applaud it, the very same supposedly “anti-war” left that was so active against Bush has done its level best to ignore the very existence of the resolution and silence its advocates".

Some distinctions

While this is excellent as it concerns the 'anti-war' left in general, I think it goes too far in equating silence on the specific question of impeachment with overall silence(or even 'war-loving,' in the word's of this post's headline) regarding the Obama administration's policies. What I specifically object to is this: While it is true of many such organizations and leading spokespersons that they basically fell silent once Obama was in office, I know that that is absolutely, positively not true in the case of World Can't Wait (which is mentioned twice in this video). While that organization may not be everything I'd like, I do appreciate that they have been an exception from the norm on the 'anti-war left' in that they did not let up in denouncing the wars and occupations under Obama, both those continued from the previous administration and those initiated by this one. True, I've not heard from them on the subject of impeachment with this president, but they do continue to call for his prosecution for war crimes, as they did Bush's. Just as they go after this administration for its persecution of whistleblowers, protection of torturers, NDAA, etc. I joined them in one of their anti-drone protests a few months back. They are not the Huffington Post,, MSNBC crowd. Should such criticis of Obama take the step of supporting his impeachment? Sure! But I think arguing for this position is made less effective by automatically lumping them in with Obama apologists.

With that objection registered, I really liked the rest of this video. Information concerning that impeachment resolution has been scarce, and it's good that it helps make people aware of it.

Some support

Here's an article in support of impeaching Obama:

'President Clinton fatally undermined the ancient common law right of habeas corpus in 1995. Nobody challenged him because he said it was a matter of fighting “terrorism.” Bush and Cheney gave us war without end and a global battlefield to fight it in, again raising the boogeyman of terrorism. Nobody challenged them. Now Obama is executing American citizens on his own authority, and even claiming the right to delegate that authority to his subordinates in the Executive branch. Once again the excuse is terrorism.

If these keeps up, the idea of a free society will be gone entirely.

Terrorism is not the threat. Passivity in the face of encroaching tyranny is.'