53% Of The People Consider The Government a THREAT

Sat Feb 2, 2013 10:44AM GMT

According to the results of a recent poll released by Pew Research, 53 percent of Americans consider the US government a ‘threat’ to their personal rights and freedoms, with nearly three-quarters of Americans saying they only sometimes or never trust the federal government.

This is the first time that a majority of respondents have described the US government as a threat against their freedoms since Pew began polling on the question in 1995.

"You have easily 85 billion dollars a month going into the banks under Quantitative Easing III, and Quantitative Easing IV. I mean that is highway robbery. We are bailing out a failed system that controls our politicians,” according to Scott Rickard a political analyst who says the banking and petroleum groups have controlled the US government for years, favoring Corporations over American citizens.

"Furthermore these are criminal banks that have operated criminally in this country especially over the last 30 years, and then they also have gotten alongside a lot of international interests that are not in the best interests of the United States.

In fact, it violates the Constitution of the United States when you take interests of other countries and put them over the top of American interests. So, violating that sovereignty is exactly what is going on with the special interests groups."

And, " We are not on a fair playing field with our government. Our government is allowed to have massive amounts of equipment, armored personnel carriers, and we cannot even have guns. They are responsible for tens of millions of people dying every year from starvation, because they are wasting their time on multiple wars that are unnecessary."


Using Distrust of Govt for Outreach

Lots of people are afraid that their 2nd amendment rights are under siege now -- and have vitriol about "Obamacare." This is probably why the number has recently spiked. Those GOP-types are now distrustful, mainly because the other party is in power.

While I don't equate reauthorizing the Assault Weapons Ban with disarming the American people and overturning the 2nd amendment, this misguided mindset presents an opportunity for outreach to those who were previously 'unreachable' in the Bush presidency.

I mean if these people distrust the government so much that they think it's trying to take away their guns and become a tyranny, then how can they trust the government about 9/11, anthrax, and Iraq? Show them that their distrust is justified.... and goes deeper than they want to think.