9/11 families can't get list of all victim relatives: appeals court

"A group of Sept. 11 victims' families cannot obtain the names and addresses of the relatives of New Yorkers who died in the attack, a state appeals court ruled Thursday.

The group, which opposes a proposal to inter unidentified remains in a planned repository 70 feet underground at the former World Trade Center site, was seeking from New York City a list of next of kin and representatives for the 2,753 victims.

The repository would not be open to the public but would need to be accessed through the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. The families have objected, saying they do not want the remains to be part of what they consider a commercial tourist attraction.

The group, which consists of the relatives of 10 victims, would prefer that the remains be honored in a ground-level memorial.

The families were seeking the names and addresses of all the victims' next of kin so that they could send letters to make sure everyone was fully aware of the plan".