AUSSIE General To Command U.S. TROOPS In Pacific: A First

As the Pentagon pours attention and resources into the conflict-ridden Asian-Pacific theater, it's made an unheard of command choice.

The AP reports Australian Maj. General Richard Burr is now Deputy Commanding General for Operations at U.S. Pacific Command (USARPAC) out of Hawaii.

It's the first time a non-American has served in such a high-ranking position at this type of command.

This isn't some out-of-the way little military base — this is the command led by Major General George Moore in the days after World War II. Moore fought at Battan along with enough other dark Pacific campaigns to fill a wall map. This command today will be pivotal in organizing and supplying military operations in the region, and key in building U.S. projection within the Asian theater.

With the Obama regime announcing their plans in November, 2011 to establish a permanent military presence in Australia, for the first time since World War II, to counterbalance China’s growing power, this report says, Australian fears have grown over the US Presidents increasing use of “war methods” which have now brought him into direct conflict with the United Nations.

The “war methods” Obama is accused of in this report include, kill lists, rampant drone strikes upon civilian targets, and the supporting of torture methods and armaments outlawed by the Geneva Convention.

In addressing some of those “war methods” employed by the US military, the highly respected American author and political consultant Naomi Wolf, writing in London’s Guardian newspaper yesterday, warned that even Obama’s assassins are “shell-shocked” at how the “kill lists” they are given keep expanding.

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