Oregon Drone Bill Would Claim the 'Airspace' Above Your Shoestrings

"Can the air near your shoes be considered "public airspace?" In Oregon, at least, it soon might be.

A new bill making its way through Oregon's state senate would establish something known as "Airspace of Oregon" which the state could use to regulate drone use by agencies and private citizens.

Proponents of the bill are trying to get ahead of a nationwide push to set rules for unmanned aerial vehicle use by civilians, which some advocates worry could intrude on personal privacy

"The use of drones domestically will raise significant new privacy issues which cannot be addressed by current law," says Becky Straus, legislative director of ACLU's Oregon office. "We are not and should not be a surveillance state. Drones should never be used for mass surveillance. Law enforcement should only use them when there is individualized suspicion of criminal wrongdoing.""