AE911Truth Condemns the Defacing of Famous Painting in the Louvre

Written by AE911Truth
Friday, 08 February 2013

On February 7, an unidentified woman who has been described as having "mental health problems" was arrested for defacing a famous painting in a satellite museum of the Louvre in France. According to news reports, the woman used a black marker to scrawl “AE911” on the painting by artist Eugène Delacroix, titled "La Liberté guidant le peuple".

Eugène Delacroix, "La Liberté guidant le peuple"

We do not know if this act of vandalism was done in reference to our organization. Whether or not this is true, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth) condemns and deplores the defacing of this priceless work of art and all public and private property. Our code of conduct requires all of our volunteers to abide by the laws, rules, and regulations of society.

The founder and CEO of the non-profit organization, Richard Gage, AIA, noted, “I was shocked and horrified to learn of this senseless act of vandalism. I sincerely hope that this unbalanced person is not in anyway associated with our numerous volunteers in France. Our organization prides itself on the integrity of its activists, who are seeking a real, unimpeachable investigation of the destruction of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9/11.”

Over 1,700 architects and engineers have signed our petition to Congress, which cites scientific forensic evidence that proves the Twin Towers and WTC Building 7 were brought down by explosive controlled demolition. The evidence is also detailed in our latest documentary, 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out, which calls for the public to peacefully and lawfully demand justice.

Anyone who is interested in distributing our vital information should do so in obedience with local, regional, national and international laws.

More information about our organization and the 9/11 evidence is available at

Karl Rove would give this perp a medal....

Quite likely this person was goaded, or manipulated in some way to bring public shame/disrespect to

AE911truth is an organization which has been biting the ankles of the evilarchy in DC for several years, on account of their single-minded approach to 9/11 which mandates hard and proven science as the only parameters to work with. This policy has effectively immunized AE911truth against the chorus of 4th grade "conspiracy theorist" heckling, which have become the political staple of those who erect a bulwark between the perps and a court of law, and maintain the status quo of endless war and the surge of taxpayer largesse which has flowed towards those who have made out like bandits from the fallout of 9/11.

AE911truth and other reputable 9/11 groups (and other activists who seek to expose evildoers) are always likely to be the victim of slur campaigns, and what more effective way exists than to publicly associate truth seekers with acts of wanton vandalism? This bears the hallmwark of the Karl Rove school of Macchiavellian manipulation sprayed all over it.

Everyone fighting the good fight should remain vigilant and have a well thought out contigency /damage control program with which to counter these types of incidents...which might become more commonplace as the noose gradually tightens and the word gets out to more and more on a daily basis.

Thank You everyone at AE911 Truth!

I'm proud to be a 9/11 truther


Horrible act and acting but ae9/11 truth should be flattered that the great moronic powers have take notice of the dent they are making in public opinion. What is disconcerting is that there is no photo of the damage to the painting. Where's the evidence? Why assume the woman doing the dreadful deed was mentally ill? It's okay to release her criminal photo and name. In France, you're guilty until proven innocent, unless you're an agent who must protected.

Why France?

We should probably be asking ourselves "Why France?" as much as "Why ae911?"

World Public Opinion is on our side... and continues to grow

The fact that today almost 1 in 2 people have doubts about the official 9/11 story, it's not surprising to me that stories like this pop up around the world and quickly get pounced upon by any anti 911 truth corporate news media - The European arm of the 9/11 truth movement has done an outstanding job raising at the awareness about WTC7, and evidence of controlled demolition... KEEP ON GOING EUROPE - YOU ROCK!!!

One would think with this momentum of world public opinion the 9/11 truth movement in North America and around the world would increase in popularity and fight even harder for an independent public 9/11 investigation in their respective countries - Instead we seem completely distracted from the corporate media's ability to bully and degrade the people in the 9/11 movement at any given chance with un-related conspiracy theories and spot-lighting anytime they can with a negative story that comes by showing alleged 9/11 truthers involved with alleged crimes of violence, racism and even vandalism such as this story ...

PERSONAL STORY - On my locker door to where I work as a newspaper printer, some unknown individual cut out an article that was published in the newspaper I print and pasted onto my locker door... It reads " Conspiracy theorists are just terrorists trying to destroy our government" It's been there for years on my locker reminding me that the media company I work for ( the same Jonathan Kay works for) has an editorial policy that seems to promote attacking anyone or any group who dares question the events of 9/11...

Investigative journalistic integrity has LONG BEEN GONE in today's corporate media news departments - replaced with media pundits speaking on behalf of corporate profit interests, political interest and telling the people how to walk , talk and what to buy , buy , buy....
That's why we can no longer depend or wait on the media to take an interest in 9/11 truth - we the people must inspire that interest and be the media news in our respective communities regardless of the ridicule and attacks by the media- This announcement by AE911Truth condemning this act of vandalism is an excellent example of how we all must counter and respond against the negatives that might have an impact on the integrity of the 911 truth movement and delay the much needed independent public investigation of 9/11 .

AdamKokesh-Brian & Jan - Infowars Denmark

Brian & Jan - Infowars Denmark

Infowar Denmark - What are your editorial policies?

INFOWAR Denmark's Adam Jan, Brian / Joe, - I'm curious in learning more as to what your editorial policies are or will be?

It's always nice to see friends at INFOWAR touch on 9/11 issues and concerns but will you be covering more on WTC7, controlled demolition, topics and issues relating to 9/11.

Do you have a limit how far you will go with un-related 9/11 conspiracies and other news stories as you did In this YouTube talking about the Royal family, Fat Tax , Denmark government, Ron Paul and Canadian Freeman issues?

Will you also mirror Alex Jone's show by including unrelated conspiracies such vaccines, chem trails, new world order conspiracies, and very popular false flag predicting Alex likes to do daily but gets it wrong most of the time?

Will you eventually be selling ads like your friends in Austin's American Freedom Radio and GCN's Alex Jones and his INFOWAR?

I want to respect you and your efforts with infowar Brian, Jan, (Joe) - I really do but its hard for me since being a long time 9/11 truther of 6 years and full time activist of 5 years along with some 30 other activists friends in my hometown, I can tell you first hand I have found these unrelated conspiracies, right wing political positions by infowar a huge distraction from being a 9/11 truth only activist group with the goals of pursuing a independent public 911 investigation and being the media in our community by sharing AE911 leaflets and DVDs freely ( in the thousands) - It caused head-aches arguments, and disrupted our 911 truth group to a point it caused us to break-up our group and each of us go our separate ways- One guy tried to include Obama Deception DVDs and another guy wanted us to add his infowar poison in the water promotion with our 9/11 truth action efforts.

In this broadcast I did not hear anything about controlled demolition, WTC7 and not a word about Denmark's champion for 9/11 truth Dr. Neils Harrit? Maybe this was covered in another broadcast I'm hoping?

My wife who's a researcher has taken Alex Jones advise seriously on a dailey basis of not taking his word but researching what he claims to be truth - This caused her to publish her findings publicly on her very popular blog titled " Leaving Alexjonestown"
One Critic Dr Kevin Barrett , another media pundit and friends with Alex said my wife was opening herself to lawsuits from INFOWAR...
She dug her heels in deep and began to research the claims made by Jones and some of his guests and soon learned that much that he claims was questionalbe, some withhalf truths or no truths at all ... I call this yellow journalism and talk more about this in a previous 911 blogger post. I'll stop there so you can respond...

As so far as my loving wife goes - Don't take my wife's word - check this out for yourself - Her Bog is -
and Thanks for posting your YouTube.

Danish Activists Discuss the TRUTH Movement in Europe

with Adam Kokesh.

Truth Movement?

Truth Movement...Does this include the Sandy Hook Truther movement?
Earlier I posted about my wife checking our INFOWAR's Alex Jones and his guests their claims made on air and discovered through her research that many claims were half truths or no trurhs at all .

Danish INFOWAR or TRUTH movement in Denmark?

I really want to understant what INFOWAR and this TRUTH movement represents...
I did my own canvasing with a couple INFOWAR truthers here in my hometown Edmonton when they wanted our City Council to remove Fluoride from the water last summer - I'm a supporter of fluoridated water because its safe and helps prevent tooth decay - Here's my report - tell me if these INFOWAR people in this YouTube represent the INFOWAR's truth movement too...

In my YouTube report ( Sorry about the shaky iphone) Adam Kokesh promotes Libertarian politics as claimed at the 13 minute mark of my YouTube report - is this true?
I support left of center liberal/ socialist values, politics and politicians myself so it seems INFOWAR Denmark mirrors Austin's radio pundits Deadline Live and INFOWAR who both promote an opposite political agendas including Ron Paul - would you agree?

Should right leaning politics or even left politics be included as part of the 911 truth agenda, or should we keep left/right politics out of 9/11 truth?

If the group is calling themselves Infowars

then it sounds like they concern themselves with many different issues, including 9/11. I agree that associating one cause with a bunch of others is not always helpful. I object more to the use of the 7-11 logo design for their 9/11 poster (which appears as the static frame for the video in Joe's post above). I like culture jamming, but I don't understand what 7-11 convenience stores have to do with 9/11 and -- I'm sure it's not deliberate -- but it seems to trivialize the seriousness of that event.

As for fluoridation, AC, if you follow the research, you will find that there is little new research on the efficacy (as opposed to merely "safety") of water fluoridation, with most recent research being simply a review of much older studies. Those reviews are far from unanimous. There is plenty of evidence that many of the older studies on the benefits of water fluoridation were faulty in design and did not fully weigh the costs vs. benefits. Canada has its own living research experiment in the form of the cities of Toronto and Vancouver: Is the incidence of caries in long-time Vancouver residents (no fluoridation) higher than for those in Toronto (fluoridation)? Seems like a pretty easy way to determine the effectiveness of water fluoridation. Where is the data on this? You won't find it at the Canadian Dental Association.

Not all dismissals are equally justified

I, too, am basically left in my politics. And one of the things I've come to learn is the way people of left sympathies frequently let themselves be pawns in the divide-and-conquer game, with collective, knee-jerk dismissals (as opposed to dismissals based on reasoned assessments) of certain issues and controvesies as inherently 'right-wing.' I used to associate opposition to fluoridation, for example, strictly with far-right loonies. It was only when I read a historical study of the topic written from a leftist perspective that I came to view things differently--more than that, I came to understand my prior association of the issue with loonies as no mere accident, but as very much a desired outcome of on the part of those interests who undertook decades earlier to shape public perception of the issue. Here is a link--and I would particurlarly like to recommend the section that begins 'Right-Wing Assocation' as highly pertinent to the politics of the present:

When I read how long these tactics have been working, what I can I think except, 'The more things change, the more they stay the same?' (To quote from the title of a critical study of the PR industry, 'Toxic Slude Is Good For You!').

Of course it makes sense to consider how well the issue of 9/11 truth is served by having it mixed in with a bunch of other topics, particularly when one doubts how well-researched are the claims made concerning them. But such caution should not be confused with an acceptance of media-promoted 'received wisdom' as ipso facto the truth.

Political right / left never the route to follow

It seems wise that Political right / left is never the route to follow when it comes to establishing some common sense in understanding fluoride - So I left my political left at the door when I went out to look for answers - I didn't rely on the half baked truths of INFOWAR and DEADLINE -LIVE ( Political Right Media) for my personal research of fluoride in the water and toothpaste but instead started with my dental hygienist and next my dentist - several dentists I spoke to as a matter of fact. From there I contacted 3 levels of government who all have their own respective responsibilities when it comes to insuring our water is clean and safe for human consumption. I found my provincial government the most open, informative and easiest to obtain information - Next I researched articles released by WHO and learned more about the dangers of fluoride in the water.

Here's what I know today - All the people with-in all levels of government , including the WHO, my dental hygienist and all the dentists were a mix of educated, professional men and women, from all walks in life, with different political and religious views... Most all agreed ( except for one water manager with Epcor) that not only is this level of the toxin fluoride found in toothpaste and city drinking water SAFE for humans and the environment - It greatly helps prevent tooth decay... In parts of the world including Iran and Asia high levels of fluoride is found naturally in water according to WHO reports - Deemed UNSAFE by WHO, efforts are being made to find ways at reducing this bone and cancerous crippling toxin from drinking water from these areas. In Europe the table salt not the drinking water is fluoridated and has the same effect of helping to prevent tooth decay... Our table salt in North America is Iodized.

( with the exception of the one PR director I spoke to with the water utility company EPCOR ) EPCOR is a company based in Canada that manages water facilities around Canada and the USA - They do not respond to the studies made by governments, but rather follow the recommendations of those studies because they are only in the business of administrating water facilities.

Since our CANADIAN/ EDMONTON 911 truth action group was infiltrated and distracted by what I refer to as several infowarriors people, a mix of mis-informed activists who joined our 911 truth group specifically to promote the Alex Jones/ INFOWAR poison in the water, Obama deception, Flu Shot conspiracies agendas our small group became inundated with disagreements - We finally disbanded September 2010 and all went our separate ways - We still get together when guys like AE911 Richard Gage AIA and Dr Neil Harrit comes to town cause we still share the common belief (bond) that the towers were brought down through controlled demolition and Canada needs an independent public investigation of 9/11 - That was the glue that kept us together - and it was the un-related conspiracies and political agenda of INFOWAR/ DEAD-LINE LIVE that divided us ...

I don't know,

Archie's Creek. But I think Christopher Bryson makes a compelling presentation.

I've seen lots like this but ...

I guess what I'm hoping to get across from all this dialog here on this post are these two points, and I hope some here might agree...

1 - as individuals I hope we can all "Think for ourselves and allow others to enjoy that privilege of doing so too."
I've contemplated the fluoridated water question the best I could and have concluded it safe in my drinking water. I also took the time to research flu shots and have deemed them not only safe , but I encourage folks who have a weak immune system to consider taking flu shots for protection. I don't as a private pilot think condensation trails are chemical trails in our sky's created by the NWO for world population depletion as INFOWAR prescribes time and time again, and I truly believe global warming is real and one on the most important issues facing mankind's continued existence ... But hey that's me, and I admittedly could be wrong - The common belief I share with each and everyone of you under the banner of 9/11 Blogger is I believe that the buildings on 911 were brought down by controlled demolition and 9/11 MUST BE INVESTIGATED!
I hope you will just accept the fact I have a different opinion on such unrelated topics from 9/11 such as fluoridated water...

2- We all must do our part to protect the integrity of the 9/11 truth movement as AE911 truth did so eloquently at the beginning of this post , and include resisting ALL un-related conspiracy theories like the recent "Sandy Hook Truther" conspiracies that cling themselves like cancer to the 9/11 truth movement and divides us ... We Are The 9/11 Truth Movement - WE ARE NOT the anti fluoride movement, the INFOWAR movement, The Zionists are behind everything including 9/11 movement, The Chem Trail Movement ...

With Pride ! We Are the "9/11 Truth Movement !"
and we want the truth!

Dental Fluorosis

As a teenager, and without consulting me, my dentist started drilling out pits in my teeth and putting in white acrylic fillings. He was covering up damage from fluorosis. Fluoride super hardens teeth and bones to the brittle stage. The same thing happens with metal if it is hardened without being quenched and tempered; it gets brittle and shatters. I felt bad that day and put it out of my mind as I had a lot of other childhood problems to contend with. Later, as an adult, I read about the dangers of fluoride in,of all places, John Birch Society literature. My roommate was a Bircher. What I read in their literature was that blacks were no good (lie) and Jews were no good (lie) and that fluoride was toxic (truth). I learned a couple of lessons that day: one that John Birchers were racist and antisemitic and that fluoride was toxic and that you could find information anywhere you looked.

From Goethe's Faust (ca.1772)

Faust, a Doctor, says:

"I’ve poisoned a thousand: that’s quite clear:
And now from the withered old must hear
How men praise a shameless murderer. "

Now where in hell would the author come up with an idea like that?

And then you want to throw in all sorts of government stats like those guys are our saviors?

"Run to the rock for rescue,
There will be no rock..." from Johnny Too Bad Lyrics attributed to Trevor Wilson


Dr. Strangelove - Water Fluoridation from 1964'

The Truth About Fluoride

Fluoride: The Bizarre History - Full Documentary

Infowars Special Fluoride Report

The Article is About Defacing a Delecroix

Re: Archie's Creek's Comment

The article is about defacing a Delacroix, to which you respond: "KEEP ON GOING EUROPE - YOU ROCK!!!" Let me first state that the term "rock," is a bastardly and co-opted term stolen from an autochthonous art form called Rock and Roll. A "super model" said of an item from a women's line of lingerie "I rocked that bra all summer long." In order to gain fans for the anti intellectual and vulgar bruise fest known as "Live Wrestling," musicians were payed to associate their brands of "Rock" and this engendered products like "Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling" and then you have "Rock the Vote," a program designed to make the youth of America feel like they have a choice. Do you see where I am going with this? Even the stodgy Royalist "Sir Paul," finds fault with the term stating: "it's Rock and Roll." So lets dump that puerile term, OK. Finally, if you are struggling with the concept of Art, and what it means to humankind, let me suggest a survey class in Art Appreciation which you can take at your local community college for a nominal fee.

It's Called a False Flag

This one's purpose was to discredit the 9/11 Truth Movement. Apparently the perpetrators of this particular false flag didn't have the temerity to actually cause real destruction eg deface the artwork permanently. But the damage (to 9/11 Truth) is done nevertheless. Please note that the name of the alleged vandal is hidden. How convenient for the individuals sponsoring this act, putting her out of range of any credible investigation. Kinda like all those "lone gunmen" that all magically commit suicide foreclosing any possibility of any investigation or ever standing (fair) trial

btw I wish A&E would show a little backbone and at least raise the possibility that this incident was a false flag

how to find her name

and check ae911truth's petition list to see if she is actually a 'member.'! if they can't prove she is, they/the press is guilty of slander. another court suit like tony's in england?r