Dr. Benjamin Carson

Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins has a tradition of hiring exceptional black people. I highly recomend this movie for its portrayal of an excentric genius, Vivian Thomas. Something the Lord Made : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0386792/

yes and no

Kudos for praise of science
Kudos for criticizing of dumbing down as in refusal of left gatekeepers of looking at Newton's third law, usually taught in junior high
Kudos for urging dialog of tough issues, like 9/11
Criticism for proposing a flat tax which is proposed by conservatives and ignores that those who have trouble making ends meet have such a hard time paying the same percentage as oligarchs. The graduated income tax is still simple.
Criticism for suggesting political correctness is all bad. Liberals who decry racist, sexist terminology just want people to not assume it is okay to put forward ugly stereotypes. The term" politically incorrect" implies those concerned with justice have no value to society.

Hope and change

If Obama had appointed people like Dr. Carson to high level positions rather than people like his lawyer buddy Cass Sunstein, maybe we'd see a little of the change "everyone" was hoping for. Dr. Carson humbled Obama -- more than once -- to his face -- in that speech, and he did it with a dignity that's rare these days. Loved it, thanks for posting.

Thank you,

jkeogh. I watched this video because you posted it here.

Great speech. Grand illusion.



Hello, I just did this piano song. I hope that all people attempting to see the truth and speak the truth enjoy it. Paul

ok, wow

This is up there with the greatest speeches I've ever heard. Dr. Carson has the gift for elegantly expressing the attitude we can take to get this earth show back on track. Awesome.

Great Speech

I would like to see him as SURGEON GENERAL of the U.S. He's has compassion and cares.... we need to inform him about the biggest problem we face today: September 11th.