Bin Laden Fable Changes Yet Again

Paul Joseph Watson @Infowars

The White House continues to struggle to get its fairytale straight. The Navy SEAL who claims he shot Bin Laden says the terror leader did use his "wife" as a human shield, despite the White House acknowledging that the woman was not Osama's wife and was not used by him as a human shield.

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But wait...

here is OBL watching himself on TV

Being filmed watching himself on TV...

...but only from the back and side so you can't actually see his face. Looks like he needs another Grecian Formula treatment. And here's OBL watching himself turn into someone else.

 photo bin1_zpse95b52ea.gif

Cool .gif animation!


Are They Still Broadcasting in Analog in Pakistan?

Are they still broadcasting in analog in Pakistan? I am just wondering because, to me that looks like an old analog set. Unfamiliar with the fit and finish of Pakistani electronics it is hard for me to tell from the above picture if there is a cable box there or a digital TV converter box. While my line of questioning may be spurious and in a sense it is meant to be, so is the whole bin Laden story as you all know. But how is it that bin Laden who according to Celebrity Net Worth has a nest egg of around $50,000,000 has such a crappy TV? With fewer resources than Osama,for certain,I have managed to put together a much better lash-up than he has. I am wondering if this is in any way a continuity problem within the mise-en-scène as I have seen better equipment in a yurt on the Mongolian Steppes; now that's remote. Remember, this is a guy that is supposed to be all hip to satellite phones and other high tech whatnots and he is the leader, if even emeritus, of a group that is poised to wage an "Electronic Jihad" on us. Why, the biggest cheapskate I know has a 42 inch flat screen and while he bristled both at the expensive and the learning curve it entailed, this technical neophyte now insists that is the standard! (Oh, and he is broke, with a capital B by the way.) While Pakistan, with her estimated population of 172,000,000 people, has one of the lowest per capita set ownership rates in the world it seems that most of them are in the Punjab region where Osama "was": "as per Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) annual report 2010-11, the total number of TV sets in Pakistan is close to 12 million." A parochial, single purpose website and bulletin board which caters to the Pakistani diaspora states: "most things are available in Pakistan, although for a higher price sometimes. But all the trouble you go through packing and shopping and shipping and everything is a big hassle. I think it would be easier to shop around in Pakistan and buy everything locally here." There is one other thing to note and that is technical affinity. While I have the cheapest cell phone on the planet which most poseurs wouldn't be caught dead with, I will not settle for less than the best computers as I have used them, owned them, programmed them and hacked them and developed an affinity for them and will accept nothing less than the finest. I even built the one I am typing on to my own specs.

Various estimates of Abbottabad's population range from 300,000 to to around one million with no exact distinction being made between the city proper and its conurbation. Abbottabad lies along the Silk Road and, for the uninitiated, the Silk Road is all about moving goods along an ancient caravan route whose importance seems to have survived modernity. Supposedly in nearby Peshawar (3 hours away) at the Smugglers' Bazaar, a large black market exchange: "everything is available here from cut-price electronics to clothes and stationery. It's an enormous trade that costs Pakistan millions of dollars annually in lost revenue - enough money to generate the bribes that allow the market to flourish."

Also, the local cable company Hazara Communications boasts uninterrupted cable television access.

Address : Flat # 2, Cantonment Plaza,
Abbottabad. (Pakistan)

Contact #:
Phone Off : +92-992-212121
Fax: +92-992-336210

So, no, I a'int buying this po' boy crap.

Maybe he was just visiting a friend? ;-)

It's plausible to me that it's Osama. Who knows when that footage was made. That could be video someone's been holding onto since '01 or '02. It certainly doesn't refute the generally accepted hypothesis that he died shortly after 9/11.

As for his technological setup, the myth about him, whether true or not, was that he was extremely religious. It would not be surprising therefore that he would eschew material comforts.

BBC reports fake OBL video...

BBC reports that OBL watching himself is a fake anyway...

They talk to people who think it's fake

I don't see where that BBC report actually argues that the video isn't genuine. But they do interview Pakistanis, who bluntly say they don't think it is. And the reporter does state at the outset that the video was 'edited by the Pentagon.'

One thing I notice--while one of the men being interviewed says the man in the video was not Osama, he says it is instead the actual owner of the house that was raided. This suggests that he accepts (and I'm not saying whether or not we should accept it) that the video was made and found where the US military says it was. By that scenario, if it wasn't Osama in the video, then it was someone--the man identified as a neighbor by this person quoted in the BBC report--who was already being used as a double in advance of the raid. He wouldn't have videotaped himself watching news coverage of Osama simply by chance.

More satirical commentary

Check out this satirical piece on the Oscars--if you scroll down to the section that discusses 'Zero Dark Thirty,' you'll find some skepticism there re the official stories both of the demise of bin Laden and the events of 9/11 itself: