9/11 attack changed our regard for law

Letter to the Editor in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch 2/14/13


"The Drone Age" editorial (Feb. 8) asserts that our laws need to catch up with the United States' military tactics. Justification is based on the characterization that al-Qaida's surprise attack changed everything. What it actually changed was only our regard for law. Based on 9/11, the U.S. asserted it can attack any country without being attacked first, our executive branch can kill anyone by assuring us he was a threat, and government agencies can watch citizens from the skin up without oversight.

However, we were lied into Iraq. It was an illegal war. It's connection to 9/11 was a fabrication. We were also lied into Afghanistan. On 9/11 three buildings collapsed symmetrically at, or near, freefall speed into their own footprints. The tops of the twin towers fell (in near freefall) through thousands of tons of undamaged steel and concrete as though it offered no resistance to the falling debris. A third building, undamaged by planes, fell the same way. Collapsing skyscrapers symmetrically, with debris falling faster as it comes down, and keeping the debris in the building's own footprints can only be accomplished through controlled demolition.

It's not really a big surprise that the folks who lied us into Iraq lied us into Afghanistan. What is surprising is that the Post-Dispatch seems prepared to accept rewriting rules of law based on an unbelievable story about what supposedly happened to "change everything" on 9/11. 9/11 was an inside job. We need to find the real villains, not rewrite laws.

Phillip Michaels • University City

Spot on.

A fine and succinct summary of events.

lets do more of this

We at AE911 Truth need people to work on a team which would organize letters to the editors, not to mention monitoring of blogs and talk shows.
I'll explain how it can be done.

Call me 410-499-5403 Dave

Agree that we can be doing more of this...

In this case, though, I think it would have been enough to say that the connection to 9/11 was a fabrication. Most people already acknowledge this, which already indicates there's a problem with the 9/11 whodunnit story. Trying to fit in a nutshell explanation of the physics of the towers' collapses comes across to me as preachy and cartoonish (in terms of truther stereotypes) and the mainstream reader may simply tune out at that point, rather than acknowledge the underlying truth of what you're saying, and seek out more information on their own.

In my opinion, there's a time and a place to discuss the towers, such as when confronting magazines like Popular Mechanics, but this wouldn't be one of them.


Your passiveness is exactly what they want. If we don't confront or change they win.

The only way I see this thing turning is to unite. They make it shamefull for the average person to question. We need to make it easy.

All we need is a "day"

One day to make a united effort for truth, no shame no fear on that day.


This is an effective method of activism I think. Although this particular article didn't generate much in the way of comments, (one was mine and another was Adam Syed who has a long history of 9/11 activism and former contributor here at blogger, it will reach some people who are unaware of such basic facts like how many buildings fell that day. In fact, as I shared it on facebook I was messaged by an old acquaintance I had just friended on FB who had no idea three buildings fell. Even my Letter to the Editor to my small little podunk town's paper generated some buzz both locally and digitally. It even prompted everyone's favorite internet spook Albury Smith to chime in.. lol.

We do need a day however, what if we could put 50 letters to the editor in 50 publications on the same day. (I know, I'll call Dave above and appoint myself to head that committee.). Keep on writing guys, don't let up.

peace everyone.

Respectfully disagree

I respectfully disagree:

"Trying to fit in a nutshell explanation of the physics of the towers' collapses comes across to me as preachy and cartoonish..."

Real science is not "preachy", it's hard evidence. Newton's Laws are well understood:

1) WTC 7 in absolute free fall for 2.25 seconds

2) WTC 1 accelerating at 64% of free fall and never decelerating through some 90' of collapse

These two easily verifiable scientific facts destroy the official narrative and should be widely disseminated.

I respect your respectful disagreement.

I may indeed be completely wrong on how people who have never heard this information would take it. But I may be partly right in how people who HAVE heard this information will take it.

I'm not disputing the science or truth of that information, just how it is relayed in a letter to the editor that starts out talking about how we were lied into Iraq and Afghanistan. Not everyone is going to make the connection between those lies and the ridiculous impossibility of those towers self-destructing via gravity. We understand the connection, but not everyone else will. It's just my opinion.

Calm Before the Storm

After looking at the online comments at the newspaper's website where this letter to the editor can be found, it's a little surprising that there was none of the usual push-back from people who are still wedded to that other conspiracy theory. This letter (which was mine) only generated one phone call to the house (a positive response), three commenters online, and no letters to the editor in response. It's my belief that, in part, this is happening because the activists on the right side of the political spectrum (who already have a well-developed distrust of the government) have begun to consider this issue more carefully. I've come to this belief as a result of other lobbying efforts I participate in. A lobbying group I've worked with for years was joined recently by activists from the right. The results in the legislature have been wonderful. Legislators from both sides don't know what to think when activists from both the left and right show up in their offices to press for legislation together. Now things are actually getting done.

Of course, it could be that the words "9/11 is an inside job" have been tuned out entirely by the community. If the responses from relatives and friends to the letter (none) are any indication, that is the case. However, I prefer to think this quiet is the calm before the storm. In view of the disappointments with both political parties in recent years patriots (and particularly activist patriots) of all stripes are no longer seeing the world completely through politically-colored lens. This may be the moment when the apolitical and logically focused efforts promoted here and by groups like AE911Truth begin to pay off.


I get the same feeling... so many cascading lies are having an effect.