Dr. MacQueen: alleged 9/11 hijackers tasked with planting official story in advance

This radio interview of Dr. Graeme MacQueen originally aired on "Guns and Butter" with Bonnie Faulkner in July of 2011. The specific portion regarding Mohamed Atta's absurd encounter with a U.S. loans officer, Johnelle Bryant, was important enough to deserve its own video as it shows how narratives are scripted.

MacQueen calls this story "Mohamed Atta seeks a loan". Months before 9/11, the alleged 9/11 hijackers were trying to attract public attention. According to mainstream news reports, Atta tried to obtain a large loan from a U.S. loans officer and threatened to harm the officer and then gives away the targets of the 9/11 plot. MacQueen argues that this is not characteristic of a top secretive operative planning the biggest terrorist attack on U.S. soil. This is characteristic of a person tasked with planting the narrative ahead of time. MacQueen also shares important information about 9/11 being connected with the anthrax attacks and that the same people were behind both attacks. Stories like these make it easy to see through 9/11. Please distribute widely.

Dr. MacQueen: alleged 9/11 hijackers tasked with planting official story in advance from 911academia on Vimeo.

Atta buying chemicals, but in Frankfurt, Germany

Atta was under surveillance by the CIA in the year 2000 between January and May, he bought in Frankfurt, Germany, chemicals.

"Indeed he was under surveillance between January and May last year after he was reportedly observed buying large quantities of chemicals in Frankfurt, apparently for the production of explosives and for biological warfare. The US agents reported to have trailed Atta are said to have failed to inform the German authorities about their investigation."

Laying BOTH stories in advance

I wouldn't want the headline to lead people to miss the larger point McQueen is trying to make: Further evidence for linkage between 9/11 and the anthrax plot--significant since the latter is admitted to having been an inside job (albeit attributed to a 'lone nut' according to the government and mass media).