Abby Martin Talks to Firefighter Fernando Salguero: Philadelphia

Philadelphia Firefighter seeking to survive recalls encounter with the New Jersey Police
and highlights how 9/11 was a major "wake up call" for him.

Scroll down for the video, and then into 6:20


Mr.Salguero : "911 was an inside job .... Then I realized how much more I was really on my own than I thought before..." yea brother ! Aint that the truth ! Thanks for that.

Well, “RT, also known as Russia Today, is an international multilingual Russian-based television network. It is registered as an Autonomous Non-profit Organization[2][3] funded by the Federal budget of Russia through the Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation”

I guess the Russian Government now gives people money to broadcast and all they want back is for people to be happy, free, and telling the truth.

That sarcasm is what a lot of people think........

They have a pretty new model. Ostensibly they tell the truth a lot of the time with the idea of pulling down the West under its own weight much like a martial artist using his opponents negative energy against him. They do, however, block stories that offend oligarchs of both the East and the West. I don't get why people whine about them they are no different than PBS whose charter says: "it is in the public interest to encourage the development of programming that involves creative risks and that addresses the needs of unserved and underserved audiences, particularly children and minorities..." this is honored more in the breach than not. Just take it as thou list, to quote Shakespeare. I for one learned my first Spanish listening to Radio Habana: "Esta es la radio Cuba, desde el territorio libre de Cuba, veinticinco kilo ciclos la Habana, Cuba..." or something like that. While I wasn't buying into the propaganda, I was getting information. Just think of what was learned from the police scanners in the Dorner debacle. We weren't supposed to hear that; or where we? Here we give them money and they still lie to us. You pay for cable and they use public utilities to disseminate lies and you still have to pay a subscription. "Free" broadcast TV isn't fee either it is payed for with what I call the "Cheerio's Tax," raised by advertising, so you pay for those lies as well. The Media, all of them, were Liars & Dunces or treacherous whores trying to sabotage his victory. . . Here was the whole bloody Family laughing & hooting & sneering at the dumbness of the whole world on National TV. The old man was the real tip-off. The leer on his face was almost frightening. It was like looking into the eyes of a tall hyena with a living sheep in its mouth. The sheep's fate was sealed, and so was Al Gore's. (Hunter S.Thompson) Having seen things up close while traveling with the Nixon campaign, Thompson went on to say the what you see on the news is never like the truth.