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This is a film based on the book “Death of the Liberal Class” by journalist and Pulitzer prize winner, Chris Hedges.

It charts the rise of the Corporate State, and examines the future of obedience in a world of unfettered capitalism, globalization, staggering inequality and environmental change.

The film predominantly focuses on US corporate capitalism, but the the author hopes that the viewer can recognize the relevance of what is being expressed with regards to domestic political and corporate activity.

It was made completely of clips found on the web.

We’re not only dreamers but also doers. We believe in actions not in violence; we believe in collaboration not in segregation. Numbers, figures, and hash-tags are labels to help us organize this chaotic world. Stories, however, give meaning to our lives and unite us to the shared visions.

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Potentially Excellent--What A Shame

I think this film has the potential for being excellent. Unfortunately, as it stands, it is virtually unwatchable.
It appears there are some excellent images used,but i suspect the filmmaker doesn't trust his own talent, for he has chosen to employ two cheap techniques to jazz up the look throughout. For most of the film, and it seems like 90-95 percent, he either tiles one image in quadruple or renders the entire frame as a black-and-white negative. Both of these techniques can be valuable when used sparingly, but an entire film done this way is irritating and unwatchable.
I am sorry the filmmaker has destroyed his own film with these amateurish tricks. I only hope he will realize his folly and re-edit to undo what he has done. I would love to see it again and enjoy all the wonderful images which I missed the first time.

I enjoyed it! each to his/her own perception...

rarely do I finish documentaries in one sitting with so much commentary to absorb, but this film, commentary, sound, music, tiles one image in quadruple or renders the entire frame as a black-and-white negative had me glued to my seat - it inspired lots of thought of my own - being an artist myself I really appreciate this sort of format (like a rock video) in film presentation - A great ride!


After the first time through I closed the window and just listened to the commentary as an audio file and found it easier to concentrate on the content, which is excellent.


I absolutely agree that the content of the film is excellent, and from what I can ascertain, the visuals are also excellent. But film is a visual medium, and the fact that you chose to close the window in order to get the most from the film speaks volumes.
Tiled and wallpapered images lose their power and become abstractions. Negative images make it impossible to read the subtleties of facial recognition and horrific images such as a brutalized body in a pick-up truck are gone by the time a viewer can identify what he is seeing. The power of powerful images is destroyed by these visual tricks and that is a shame.
I still think this can be an excellent and powerful film. I would just like to SEE it.