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Jon Gold Talks To Chris Hedges About 9/11 - 7/1/2012


Jon Gold Talks To Chris Hedges About 9/11 - 7/1/2012

Nice Job reporting

Thank You Jon Gold - most reputable journalists are not willing to risk their reputation or career when confronted publicly on the question of 9/11 - but every so often one slips through the cracks -

"We are just told what governments and corporations want us to hear, you're never going to get alternative views of current affairs and of history as long as the means of transmitting information is so corporately owned."
Canadian Journalist, Author Heather Mallick Oct. 4, 2007, Question re-9/11 at the University of Alberta, Edmonton - transcribed by 911 truther Doug Brinkman

Canada's corporate media versus Canadians who want 9/11 truth.
3:59 Minute Mark - Canadian Journalist, Author Heather Mallick, Video by Doug Brinkman

Chris Hedges - Reality of Psychopaths

Chris Hedges - Reality of Psychopaths

loaded on Sep 19, 2011

Chris Hedges talks on how spying and television allows the corporate state to take control of our minds and souls. The consequences of which resulted in a liberalism that has become profoundly bankrupted. Author of The Death of the Liberal Class and other great books. Provided to you under U.S. Creative Commons license 3.0 for non-profit educational use