Manufacturing 9/11 Consensus : More bin Laden Death Movie Psy-ops

The shoddy and untenable story surrounding the May 1st 2011 Osama Death News continues to be a source for major motion pictures as the Daily Mail out of the U. K reports that a film is being made (produced by a company called Zulu 1) about the the Navy Seal who allegedly killed Usama bin Laden.

"In the story of The Shooter - who did not want to be identified but told his story through journalist Phil Bronstein - he describes seeing the terrorist's brains spill out on to the floor after he shot him before the realization bin Laden's son was there the whole time."

He also " also lamented over the treatment he received from the government when he retired after the mission, claiming he was abandoned with no health insurance or other benefits". Which is of course, par for the course in waking up to the gravity of the situation.

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