PEDDLING INFLUENCE - New Film Exposes Covert, Sinister Side of Media

Peddling Influence - Trailer One

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Who is responsible when the media fabricates the news?
What did our founding generation envision as "Freedom of the Press"?
Where does our mainstream media get their news? Is it accurate?
How many wars have been directly influenced and driven by the media?
How unbiased is our FREE PRESS supposed to be?
Are the media and their sources trustworthy?

Peddling Influence
From the blatant falsifying of news to the lack of real integrity in the media this ninety-minute film touches on several pieces of information that have shaped our opinions and our thoughts, and most have been based on deception, persuasion and money... instead of the basic facts.

Do we really have a free press in this country?
The answer may not shock you, but the absolute truth will…

Produced & Directed by William Lewis
Written & Produced by Debbie Lewis
Associate Producer Gary Franchi

New Film Reveals Dark Side of Agenda Driven News

Debbie Lewis,

Columbia, MO, March 1, 2013 | In a country where deceit has become the norm, shouldn't we expect our mainstream media to expose the deception rather than cover it up? Day in and day out our news and information coverage is spun in such a sinister way that we cannot trust what we see and hear. And we know it...just take a look at the polls regarding media trustworthiness. How did this nation go from the desire of a Free Press to a "bought and paid for" media? Peddling Influence may have the answer.

The newest film from Director William Lewis and Associate Producer Gary Franchi, Peddling Influence, is a 90-minute whirlwind of information regarding the fraud that is our news media, the role advertising plays, government involvement and so much more. "How are We-the-People to make educated decisions about anything without all the facts, yet we never get the facts, especially from the media," states Lewis.

Some of the details revealed are sure to shock you, while others will confirm what you already you know. American journalist John Swinton delivered a scathing revelation to a group of fellow reporters and editors gathered to celebrate his life's achievements. "There is no such thing, at this stage of the world's history in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it. I am paid for keeping honest opinions out of the paper." Swinton conveyed this eye-opening declaration not in the 20th Century, but in the late 19th Century, proving that our media has been controlled, in some fashion, since well before that time.

Peddling Influence covers the United State's questionable entry into the Spanish American War, the use of advertising dollars to shade coverage, the lack of exposure of information that affects our population regarding a number of issues, including NutraSweet and H1N1, a few of the outright lies our media has conveyed, how foreign countries stepped up to persuade the United States to remain loyal, and reveals how media chooses what it will cover and who the outlets considered "experts," and much more.

The new release from Lewis and Franchi offers bold solutions and alternatives to the media we have come to loathe. With topics too numerous to cover in one expose', the disc also includes a bonus presentation, Rumors of War, regarding World War 1 and World War II that, along with portions of the feature film, are sure to bring our entire war history into question. If you've ever had the slightest reservation about media conduct, this expose' is a must-have for your information arsenal.

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