Larry Silverstein seeks dismissal of airline's World Trade Center defense

"The leaseholder of the World Trade Center properties is asking a U.S. federal judge to reject arguments that American Airlines is not liable for damages stemming from the September 11, 2001 hijackings because the attacks were an act of war.

Larry Silverstein filed court papers Wednesday asking U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein in Manhattan to dismiss that line of defense by the airline and its parent, AMR Corp, in the developer's long-running negligence lawsuit against them.

Silverstein has sought to hold American and United Airlines, now United Continental Holdings Inc, responsible for damages from the 2001 attacks for allegedly failing to provide adequate airport and airline security".

Conflict of interest.... again, again, again.....

Could this case involve a conflict of interest, in that Silverstein and Hellerstein are personal friends? Hellerstein should excuse himself from this case.

Three Cheers for the Twin Rats!!

Silverstein and Hellerstein.

You know there is PAYOLA involved.

It's all a horrible sham

Silverstein trying to commit even MORE insurance fraud to profit yet again off of 9/11. He already got $3 billion from the building insurance itself, you'd think that would be enough. But I guess no amount of money is enough to cover his guilt of being complicit in the murder of thousands of Americans.


'Recuse' is the legal term--but I know what you mean.


Read Christopher Bollyn on this festering interaction between Hellerstein and Silverstein and the control of judicial processes regarding ALL 911 cases by Hellerstein.
Why is lucky Larry not rorting Huntleigh USA for instance? The Israeli owned 'Airport security firm' reported by Bollyn as Mossad owned and deeply involved in 911 false flag, where Hellersteins son works for the Israeli law firm representing Huntleighs parent company ICTS. These guys give 'conflict of interest' new definition. Makes the whole USA LAW system one great big sick joke.

Sue Silverstein!

It's high time to turn the tables on this rat and sue Larry Silverstein for wrongful death based on overwhelming physical and witness evidence that explosives were in his buildings.

AE911Truth would be an expert witness and the nanothermite evidence would be in the courts.

An immovable boulder blocking inquiry and justice...

I was engaged in a conversation (re. the Middle East) the other day with a long term acquaintance. During our exchange, the issue of US support for Israel came up, and I made the fatal error: I brought up the incident of the USS Liberty attack. She looked straight at me and said, in a calm but furiously outraged demeanor: "how dare you bring up that anti-Semitic conspiracy bunk - who the hell do you think you are"? After saying that I had read about it some time back, I dropped the subject right then and there; the conversation was in free fall and nothing would get her to even acknowledge that the LIberty event even happened, let alone the reality behind it.

We have a problem. No matter to what extent many of us wish to deny the possibility of Israeli involvement in 9/11, there is a stack of both hard evidence and circumstantial evidence that points squarely at elements within the Israeli government/military/intelligence services. How is it possible to get to the bottom of 9/11, and dispense justice, when there is such a pervasive climate within the US public (and especially its establishment élite), of the mandate to exonerate Israel (regardless of the facts) and blame Arabs/Muslims (regardless of the facts). How is it possible to bring the likes of Silverstein and his neocon buddies to order, so many of whom made personal fortunes as a result of 9/11 and its aftermath?



Your friend is saying, in effect, that she can draw a fence around a subject regardless of the facts.

If one has done his research and has confidence in his facts, then I've found this to be a handy phrase:

"Incredulity is not an argument."

A major part of what I've personally dealt with in my pursuit of '9/11 truth' is the rather high, general level of propaganda and outright lying that occurs in public discourse. Normal people are at a disadvantage because while we often fib from time to time about things of small import -- "no honey, you don't look fat at all" -- we normal people don't expect others to lie so easily about those things that really do matter.

Neocon job

Valid points as always, blog. It's pretty evident that there's overlap or collusion between Neocons and Zionists in both make-up and mutual agenda. We've already noted the forbidden topic of Mossad van bombs on 9/11..

Silverstein: in control of the World Trade Center that is attacked and demolished.
Rumsfeld / Wolfowtiz: in charge of the Pentagon that is attacked
Kissinger / Zelikow : in charge of the cover-up commission
Hellerstein : in charge of all 9/11 litigation

These guys are all playing for the same team, and it's not American justice. Whoever the perpetrators were entrusted these 6 for a successful operation and cover up.

It's not just Israel

When I was in college the cause célèbre was leveling sanctions and divestment schemes against South Africa. I was against this for several economic reasons. A female friend silenced my protestations with a Niagara of vitriol: "how dare you support a slave state....." I shouldn't have to tell this audience but sanctions hurt the poor more than anyone. Also, at the time unemployment was low and there was growth in the economy. The results of this were seen in the relaxing of Pass Law restrictions which allowed for the emergence of a Black technical class and a chance for Blacks to participate in the equity of the economy. Economics is not my field but my predictions proved to be prescient. While divestment had a hand in bringing down the apartheid regime it was also instrumental in capital flight. Unemployment is as high now as 26% with many living on U.S. $1.25 per diem. Also, the country has "sold its paper" to multinational corporations and bought into the whole IMF loan scheme. I still remember that day all those years ago walking under a banner suspended from a bridge over a four lane boulevard that said: " DIVEST NOW! with that woman (why did I ever love her) harping like a fishwife and telling me what to think. Well, come to find out these causes du jour are hatched out somewhere, I am not sure where, but they seem to emminate from Harvard or Yale. If I didn't know better I would think that some liberal progressive organization thinks them up. But I do know better because everything in this country outboard of Genghis's left stirrup is controlled by outriders; so no it is not the progressives; I am sure of that much. Perhaps they are dreamed up as some kind of "safety valve:"you want something to get really mad about, how about apartheid......" Back at the U., years later, doing some grad courses and some administrative research and the de rigeur protestations are centered around living wages for janitors and custodians. I check and the campus at Harvard in Cambridge, Massachusetts is awash in solidarity with the broom handlers as well. Remember John Reed? He was an American Communist who graduated from Harvard College in 1910. He was made famous in the movie Reds staring Warren Beatty. Jack, as he was called, covered the Russian Revolution and wrote about it in Ten Days that Shook the World . Jack Reed is burried in the Kremlin. Well it seems that any good, incipient, commie at Harvard around the tournant du siècle was interested in only two things: World Revolution and living wages for janitors. So, you see, these things are just dreamed up somewhere and even recycled. I hate to say it but your friend is not doing any original thinking but is reciting from a script, written and inculcated in her how and in what matter I don't know but I am sure of it because I have seen the pattern.