Soldier Suicides-- Dale Pierce on his son Noah, the Real War, and the 9/11 Lie

Dale Pierce is the father of Noah Pierce-- a former U.S. soldier in the Iraq War who suffered severe PTSD and who, like more and more soldiers are doing now at an increasing rate, tragically took his own life. Dale has also worked in high-rise buildings in Houston, TX and San Francisco, CA and has an understanding of how they are constructed. In this episode of 9/11 Free Fall he will talk about Noah and the soldier suicide epidemic, as well as what he thinks of 9/11 and the evidence that the Twin Towers and Building 7 were brought down in a controlled demolition.

Read More About Noah's story below:

*The Life and Lonely Death of Noah Pierce

*Eleven Poems by Noah Charles Pierce (1983-2007)

An Eye for an Eye makes the world blind...

YouTube Report by Civil Information Activist: Doug Brinkman

Canada's participation with NATO's war in Afghanistan was described by former defense minister Gordon O Connor as a war of  [1] [2] 9/11 retribution. The Canadian government continues to ignore calls by Canadians for a independent public investigation of 9/11 and the 24 Canadians murdered.

YouTube report was recorded during an "Occupy Edmonton march and rally September 2012 - 9/11 truther Doug Brinkman interviews a veteran during the march - Also in this YouTube Doug adds the sad story of  Greg Matters, an RCMP shooting victim, who was a veteran with PTSD.

[1] 9/11 retribution Ottawa Citizen -
[2] War of 9/11 Retribution continues today -

This could be a problem too...

9 Out Of 10 Americans Are Completely Wrong About This Mind-Blowing Fact. This pretty much speaks for itself.

Evil Machine

I'm afraid there is an evil machine on this planet that always has disposable operators. It is becoming more and more efficient as time goes on. Its purpose is to kill humans and smash the things humans need to live.

Eisenhower warned us about the military industrial complex.

A Perfect System

The Evil Machine is near perfect.

It has unlimited fuel.

It has disposable mechanics that keep it running at peak efficiency.

It has disposable operators-- ready, willing and able.

Most importantly it has you. Without your support there would be no Evil Machine.

The Evil Machine is near perfect. It is supported by regular people just trying to feed their families and stay dry. Their support is a consequence of wage earning. If questioned, they will say they contribute their taxes for "national defense".

The Evil Machine is near perfect. It is deadly for those who get caught in the front sights. Afterwards the guy behind the gun sight has to deal with his actions. When he gets home he can't forget the horrors he witnessed.

The Evil Machine is near perfect. Left in its wake are the disposable operators and the families who continue to keep it running.

I do not support the Evil Machine.