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Hot News/Information/Events     •     April 9, 2013
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Top Ten Vote-Getters
For the Ad Contest…
The Next Phase of
Operation Tip the Planet!

But first…

We want to acknowledge everyone who participated in Operation Tip the Planet. The sheer volume of more than 370 ad submissions and the voting left us speechless! We are incredibly grateful to each of you for such energy, effort, and passion! It is a sure sign that the 9/11 Truth movement’s momentum is unstoppable.

Stay tuned…
For the unveiling of the final ad
to be seen around the world this September.

In the Meantime…
Prepare for the next phase of Operation Tip the Planet,
Building our Global Network!

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We’ve already raised over $100,000 in matching money!

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2. Let’s Unite and Grow!

Do you belong to another group? Then join our coalition! Email Laura, our Operation Tip the Planet Team Co-Leader, at LKatleman@ae911truth.org

Many organizations have already joined Operation Tip
the Planet’s diverse coalition.
Let’s add yours!

  • The Thrive Movement
  • We Are Change.org
  • 9/11 Truth and Justice in Canada
  • MUJCA – Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth
  • Veterans for Peace – Central Florida
  • Newsvoice.se
  • Agape Christian Community
  • Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth
  • The 9/11 Consensus Panel
  • Reinvestigate 911
  • Citizens Aware and Asking
  • 9/11 Journey For Truth
  • Occupy 9/11 Truth
  • San Diegans for 9/11 Truth
  • Citizens for an Informed Community (CIC)
  • Greater Boston Alliance for 9/11 Truth and Justice
  • Colorado 9/11 Visibility
  • 9/11 Truth Seattle
  • North California 9/11 Truth Alliance
  • Connecticut 9/11 Truth and Justice
  • Nation of Islam
  • Accountable Democracy
  • Data Scientist 9-11 Truth

3. Change The Course Of History
We’re taking the Operation Tip the Planet ad campaign worldwide to hundreds of cities – in subways, storefronts, and newspapers, on buses, billboards, bumper stickers, posters, tee shirts and more.

Together, with the right ad, we’ll generate enough media coverage to finally bring widespread attention to the truth about 9/11 and the 2,000+ architects, engineers, and scientists (and thousands of others) who are calling for a new investigation into the destruction of the three WTC skyscrapers on 9/11.

Ed Asner Daniel Sunjata

This pull-out-all-the-stops, viral, trans-media campaign is supported by a coalition of like-minded 9/11 Truth organizations.

We have support from many celebrity sponsors, including actors Ed Asner and Daniel Sunjata.

Our month-long global advertising and grassroots action campaign – beginning on September 1, 2013 – will coincide & synergize with:

  • AE911Truth’s petition to reach 2,000+ experts
  • Along with other worldwide screenings, 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out is expected to air on a dozen or more PBS stations
  • Delivery of the AE911Truth petition and DVD copies of Experts Speak Out to all members of Congress – in Washington, D.C. and their state and district offices
  • Washington D.C. 9/11 Truth conference
  • 100,000 signatures on an upcoming White House petition

We are counting on these simultaneous actions to have a multiplier effect that captures the attention of the public and the media, and finally tips the planet toward 9/11 Truth awareness.

The results you’ve been waiting for…
The Top Ten Vote-Getters:










Congratulations, top ten vote-getters!

Please email OTP@AE911Truth.org with your “snail mail” address, and we will mail your prizes to you!

Disclaimer: The ideas, slogans and images submitted to this contest or represented by the top ten vote-getters may or may not be used to create the final ad.

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A vote

A vote for personal favorites:

1st) 9/11 changed everything... ...so will the truth.
2nd) AE911TRUTH.ORG History not NISTory
3rd) Laws of Physics Are Not Conspiracy Theories

The one listed in 1st place is there because it covers the entire issue of 9/11.

Or how about

For the first one, maybe change '9/11' to '9/11 lies'--that is, '9/11 lies changed everything...so will the truth.'

No fault in your thinking.......

There is no fault in your thinking but I think the way they have it now is better. 9/11 lies vs truth sets up a mental construct of: lies/truth. But the way it is now: 9/11 vs truth sets up a mental construct of: What???? You mean 9/11 wasn't the truth..... Anyway, that is the way it strikes me. More like oatmeal and it sticks to your ribs.

"9/11 Changed everything...."

I would have it: "....even the truth."