Sen. John McCain questioned about WTC Building 7 on C-SPAN

Caller from Utica, New York questions Senator and Co-Chair of Senate National Security Caucus John McCain on the fall of WTC Building 7. John McCain claims ignorance.
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Full Video: Clip Starts at 9:36 mark

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I wonder if that caller was either Andy or Herb? So, I am to believe that I have better info on 9/11 than a ranking member of the Senate Armed Forces Committee? In researching McCain's committee memberships I learned that he is on: The Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. Any movie buff may have noticed that now, in the piracy warning on DVDs, the FBI logo has been joined by the Homeland Security logo as a double threat against piracy. Don't copy this video or else the FBI will get you or maybe even the Department of Homeland Security! Seeing those two logos side by side got me thinking. Is this an insult to the FBI? It takes two agencies to do their job now? I also wondered if now Homeland Security wasn't a watch dog on any residual power of the FBI had left over from the days that Hoover referred to it as "The Seat of Government." Also of note is that Homeland Security comes before, and supplants the primacy of Government Affairs as seen in the description of the revamped Senate Committee: "In The Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs was renamed as the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs in 2005 and possesses 15 members. This committee has jurisdiction for matters pertaining to homeland security, including the 9-11 Commission; the District of Columbia; government management, including E-Government, lobbying and ethics, federal contracts, and federal nominations; corporate management; environmental oversight; energy; health and public safety; civil service; and the Postal Service."

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See this link for more information and background about John McCain's knowledge of the facts of 9/11

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