Media Roots Radio: Post 9/11, How We All Became Boiled Frogs


Media Roots Radio - Post 9/11, How We All Became Boiled Frogs by Media Roots

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MEDIA ROOTS – In this episode of Media Roots Radio, Abby and Robbie Martin go over a comprehensive timeline of political events in the decade following the 9/11 attacks by covering the establishment's use of agitation propaganda and psychological warfare to condition the public into accepting a new era of endless war and civil liberties erosions.

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An excellent show packed with well organized information and insightful analysis. Well done!

Here's a few thoughts which are meant only to be constructive. I have donated to Media Roots in the past and plan to do so again soon (the tax man has taken a healthy piece of my ___ as of late!).

While I agree that controlled demolition should not be a sole focus of our inquiry (you and Robbie did a great job of highlighting other issues) it should not be discounted. For myself, it really turned it. To date 1,877 A & E's have signed the petition and that number is moving up rather rapidly as of late. And you might agree that the professionals who are signing on are not doing this as a cynical career move (smile).

I think it was Peter Philips that pointed out that the Jessica Lynch story was the 'cover' story for the bombing of the Palestine Hotel (journalists).

Robin Hordin (former Boston air traffic controller) has been quite definitive that a change was made to the hijack/in-flight emergency protocols which hampered response times on 9/11.

I believe it was Kean who tried to downplay the 9/11 financing by saying "because it took so little money (sic)".

Mossad/Israeli involvement is fairly well documented, and by example I would point to the 'dancing Israelis' which is in the 9/11 Timeline as well as many, various main stream sources. I understand that this is a touchy subject and I DO NOT want to be mistook for a hateful, race baiting lunatic. At this point I think it's safe to say that Americans, Saudis and Israelis were involved.

Onward and upward and again, a great show. If I'm wrong on any of this I'll willingly accept correction.

P.S. Sibel Edmunds' interviews with James Corbett on Operation Gladio are well worth the time if you haven't already done so:

Thank you!

Thank you for your constructive feedback! Much appreciated!

Ms. Martin,

you are asking for donations for above. You are also broadcasting Breaking the Set there which I believe is a Kremlin funded show. These things make my questions to you necessary and on topic here.

What is the budget breakdown for Breaking the Set? And is there any control coming from the Russian government regarding your content now? For instance, can you talk about the Russian apartment bombings on Breaking the Set or anywhere at this point?

This is excellent and

This is excellent and timely.
This issue has become like a festering wound that's been left untreated.. and will not heal until justice has been served. Thank you for so much excellent work.

* NY Times: Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon’s Hidden Hand 4/20/08

PEOC warnings

Its not really correct to say that Cheney was warned 'about the plane hitting the Pentagon' but that it was on it's way, headed in their direction. This does not exonerate him of course. Based on the facts we can safely assume two things: A: whoever had his finger on the button knew the plane would not be hitting him. and
B: that the order was, more likely than not, a stand down order. As no missile was fired and no serious attempt at an interception either. -If Im not mistaken, they were flown out over the Atlantic instead.
A serious investigation would blow it all so wide open it's not funny. But. as society is run from the top down, that's not bound to happen any time soon. Not until the cost of denying it becomes greater than that of continuing this absurd and morally indefensible cover-up.