Edmonton's Meek little mice & Gandhi's relaunch 9/11 Civil Actions after 420 Rally

Edmonton's Meek little mice & Gandhi's relaunch 9/11 Civil Actions after 420 Rally
EDMONTON April 20, 2013 By Doug (Nobody) Brinkman

Well known 9/11 Truther Jack Blood formerly of American Freedom Radio has never been a fan of "Civil Information Activism" as he would rather you get mad and scream at the top of your civil resistance lungs "9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB!" like his hero and friend the late John Boncore aka "Splitting The Sky" who spent a night in jail for his own protection after his reckless grandstanding at trying to break through a Calgary police line to get at former President George W. Bush.
There indeed is a time and place for the highly successful civil disobedience actions as carried out last Saturday by hundreds of 420 activists and supporters behind the (Edmonton) Alberta Legislature grounds. There were arrests during the 420 too. Civil Information activism are for activists who want to bring their cause into their community without fear of arrests or confrontation and get their message to as many people as possible.
Edmonton 911 Truthers may be meek like little mice and Gandhi's but no one including Jack Blood can deny the profound effect Civil Information Actions have had on Edmonton when it came to raising the awareness to the questionable events of 9/11.

YouTube Playlist - 40 Reports 9/11 Civil Information Actions March 2007 to date...

Civil Informationing…modernizing public activism 
By Robin Hordon
January 2002 - November 2011

The concept of "Civil Informationing" came to my mind when, in 2002, 2003 and 2004, I was involved in planning and executing several typical anti-war protests against the upcoming and ensuing war in Iraq while living in Reno, NV. What stood out to me this time around is that NOW we had the Internet...YET we were still only doing the exact same "dated" things that were developed 40 years earlier. Simply put, there was not very much integration between the "Internet and Information age"…the activists protesting in the streets…the citizens observing our actions…and the spreading of information. What was frustrating was that although the VAST MAJORITY of feedback from the citizens was against the war back then [even in Reno, NV and an interesting yet ignored/forgotten point!], citizens who walked and drove past did so without becoming more informed about what was actually going on. The only thing shared were feelings against the war. In other words, it was the same old “complaint” or protest process…it wasn’t activism to become a political force.

It was clear to me that modern era activists' public protest tactics needed a change...a complete overhaul per se...because the "age old" models of protest activities were clearly not working in spite of the fact that we had some new tools at our disposal. In the years since, more and more excellent videos, DVDs, YouTube-google videos, handouts, specific websites and other "teaching-educating tools" have been developed. This new street action of delivering and activating was performed mostly at the hand of the 9.11.01 Truth activists who have been internet savvy from the get-go. YET STILL, the useless and too often confrontational and misguided "challenge authority street actions" have remained exactly the same as they were some 40 years ago…ineffective!

SOCIAL NETWORKING…what is going on here?

I choose to interpret the radical expansion of social networking via the likes of face book and other systems as “people meeting people with common objectives to make things better”. It’s a great opportunity to get some good, peace based and FACTUAL-TRUTHFULL information out into this vast new network to combat FAUXNEWS etc.

Civil Informationing (CI) was developed to bring the best of the protests and activisms 60s forward…such as the great power and wonderful hearts of concerned citizenry…the willingness of those folks to stand up in public to voice their opposition in actions known as “vigils“…the deep desire for citizens to make positive changes…and to integrate it all with the new millennium's "information age"…aka…its great potentials for self educating and self informing found everywhere within the Internet, websites, DVDs and online videos.

The word CIVIL was chosen to denote both civic duty and to establish behavior. The word INFORMATIONING was invented because “Its the information baby!” The combo CI is intended to be added to, and contrasted with CD…Civil Disobedience and CR…Civil Resistance…which each have good and bad points. Continued...