Volunteers Needed to Help Staff a 9/11 Information Table at the Dane County Farmer's Market in Madison Wisconsin

Volunteers Needed in Madison, Wisconsin

We're a small group of volunteers beginning our SIXTH year of staffing a 9/11 information table at the Dane County Farmers Market every Saturday during the season. The event draws about 20,000 every Saturday and is held on the State Capital Square across from the Wisconsin Veterans Museum. We need some additional volunteers to hand out information, DVDs and talk with people. Please contact us:


Ken - 911truth@revolutionearth.com

Tom - tmspell@execpc.com

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Thank you

for your efforts. I think it might be a good time to leave the "9-11 truth" and "9-11 TRUTH NOW" rhetoric and signs behind. I feel something new would be good now.


New slogan?


I agree

Both "Truth" and "Proof" turn people off.

Implying we know "the truth" puts us automatically in a adversarial position to the very people we are trying to convince.

People respond much better to information if they feel like they discovered it on their own rather than being told they are wrong about something. Someone who decides to look into a subject because they are curious is more likely to become active than someone who is attacked or shamed for not having done so.

"I assert that serendipitous discovery is hugely valuable. An unexpected learning is far more important than confirming something we already thought or verifying an assertion. Serendipity is where new ideas are born." - http://totw.tiddlyspace.com/Why



Just an example, a long time ago, some activists here in Tucson put up a table with a sign that said "Who is Barry Jennings?", they were astonished at the response. People are naturally curious, and if you don't set off their defensive mechanisms, they want to know.

A slogan in the form of a question may be a good technique. It's gotta be short, 3-4 words max.

One suggestion

Here's a simple four-word message that I think might be good to spread around:

'Google "Strategy of Tension"'

Without actually asserting that something like Gladio is going on, it's inviting people to learn about an episode from the fairly recent past which most are probably still not aware of. And that could get them at least to start thinking about the possibility of of such tactics being resorted to again. And I don't think there's any harm in more people starting to think about that possibility.

(I know some think it's better not to search with Google, but it's a term everyone recognizes, both as noun and a verb--practically a synonym for 'search online for....')

Thank you!

Thankyou all for your superb effort in spreading the truth and helping our nation.

Way to go Wisconsin!

Keep up the good work!

One thing that I have noticed from talking to people is that a vast number of people know about the 9/11 Cover-up. Most people who know may have the details a bit foggy, but they are aware that 9/11 is a Cover-up.

Just Re-launched more 911 Actions myself

I hope to mirror this successful action with a few more of our own actions this year - Salute Wisconsin! Friends and supporters of 9/11 truth - Edmonton (Western Canada)