Stephen Poloz, New Bank Of Canada Governor, Predicted Financial Crisis, Blamed Housing Bubble On 9/11

Poloz has made other arguments that are even more likely to raise eyebrows. As the financial crisis unfolded in 2008, he wrote an article positing a very interesting theory for what caused the crash: Blame 9/11, he said.
Arguably, the turmoil we are experiencing today is linked directly to the trauma of Sept. 11, 2001,” he wrote in a 2008 article for Business Edge. “We now know that 9/11 spawned a ‘live for the moment’ boom in U.S. consumer spending and borrowing, the likes of which have never been seen before.” Complete Story The Huffington Post Canada | By Daniel Tencer

I think America's woes begins with...

A nation living a lie by not confronting the the unanswered questions behind the attacks of 9/11 - WTC7, controlled demolition... Martin Luther King said "You Cannot Hide A Lie" but for as long as America continues to ignore they've been lied to by their governments and corporate media there's not much more for America's future but woe. POSTED ON HUFFINGTON POST AS HAWKEYI - BankofDAD responded ' No evidence of any controlled demolitions at WT7"

I responded - Indeed - , 1 in 3 Canucks doubt the official 911 story according to CBC the Fifth Estate Nov. 2009 broadcast - I'm what managing editor Jonathan Kay of the National Post refers to as a "Crank" and "9/11 denier" - Me and over 1/3rd Canucks - We Are All Cranks BankofDad... and proud of it!

editors of Huffington post removed my comments (above) - who says corporate media doesn't sensors anyone who dares question 9/11 ...