Letter to the Hartford Courant Re- 9/11 Truth "Anti American Hate Speech"

Hartford Courant: Scrub 9/11 Graffiti : Is it possible that the state of Connecticut could use some of that $500 million from the Ctfastrak project and throw some coats of paint on the bridge supports that run through downtown Hartford? I'm sick and tired of driving by underpasses and seeing "9/11 Truth" graffiti. The good citizens of Connecticut deserve better than seeing anti-American hate speech rubbed in their face every day.

Friends of 9/11 Blogger - What are your thoughts re- this letter found in the Hartford Courant May 6, 2013?
Is 9/11 Truth anti American, is 9/11 Truth hate speech?


It proves that people notice controversial and thought provoking messages. Instead of asking for the taxpayer to repaint the bridge supports he could risk life and limb and do it himself.

In my view the well spread message that 19 Muslims were responsible for 9/11 is closer to hate speech. How many innocent Muslims have been killed and wounded for this unsubstantiated claim?

The same tax dollars that go for road construction are going for road (and everything else!) DESTRUCTION in several countries that had no part in 9/11.

If "9/11 Truth" is anti-American hate speech....

Then I guess "9/11 Lies" must be pro-American love speech.