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Look'n Back to our most productive days...
The little group of 9/11 civil information activists who could...
Edmonton May 8, 2013 By Doug Brinkman
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Photo: Doug Brinkman founder of Edmonton 911 Truth starts off his first action carrying a banner "Investigate 9/11" during an anti war rally March 2007
Recently I've thrown my hat back into the 9/11 fray for truth and justice as a part time activist . We made such a noise over our years of civil information actions with a few dozen activists during parades, farmer's markets, outdoor festivals that even local corporate media could not miss us. Local columnist and author Todd Babiak interviewed me after spotting us by the market places passing out free DVDs and leaflets in around Edmonton, Alberta Canada.The day after Todd Babiak 's story was published in the Edmonton Journal he called me up to say the news room was overwhelmed with angry e-mails from all over Noth America. He said some of those letters were not very nice.
 As a result the editors decided to select the BEST letters from the hundreds of e-mails and published 3 the following week. Todd's no longer with the Journal  but we do cross each others path from time to time. He always asks me "how is the world of conspiracies?" I smile and say I'm still at it! 
This YouTube was my last action after the recent 420 rally this May - ENJOY! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvEEx5hl0-
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"If you want the public to hear you once, you have to say what you're saying five or 10 times."

Izzy Asper founder of Canwest - former owner of the Edmonton Journal

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