Philip Mudd (Former CIA/FBI) passes on question about WTC 7 free-fall

Philip Mudd on C-SPAN's Washington Journal program refuses to address my question about the free-fall acceleration of WTC 7 acknowledged by NIST. 5/12/13

His name is Mud(d). Yeah, really.

What a display of weaselry, treachery and intellectual cowardice. By refusing to even acknowledge (let alone discuss) proven scientific observations which even NIST admit, this guy is doing his damnedest to bolster the ongoing media and government program to PROTECT and HARBOR the unknown terrorists of 9/11, and shield them from justice. The same goes for that mealymouthed "don't ask questions" host. A pox on this traitor.

We take all questions

Yes we take all questions but we don't answer the ones we don't want anyone to know about.

Most investigated event.....

"That was the most investigated event probably in FBI history...." What the hell is that supposed to even mean?

They talk in opposites

I don't think it supposed to mean anything Peter other than another Orwellian pronouncement to dissuade investigation. For example, "We are the richest country on Earth" which is absurd on its face, when in fact we are the most indebted nation. "We are the free-est nation on earth." yet we have the largest prison population on the planet. We have "free markets" yet price manipulation through high frequency trading and collusion make our markets anything but free. If they say it enough, we'll believe it through repetition. It is painfully obvious it was least investigated. No special prosecutor, investigations were denied for over a year and then were hampered by denying documentation, timelines, and scope limits. It truly never ceases to amaze me how its continued to be so effective for so long.

Keep up the great work Andrew. Maybe the next question should be about all the files NIST is refuses to release. i.e.: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and the claim by NIST that WTC7 was brought down in 6.5secs (even 15secs sure why not) by fire alone is as extraordinary as it gets. Do you believe if NIST releases the files it says provides proof of their claim, would it help quell the disbelief over WTC 7?

that might be a good angle to try. Keep up the great work.

peace everyone

Good job asking that question....

I wonder (for future consideration) if a question in a format similar to this might also work....

Given the fact that our own United States House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded that Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy…
and the fact that our own FBI informants allowed the 1993 World trade center bombing…
and the fact that the admitted freefall of World trade center 7 on 9/11 means that it was some type of intentional controlled demolition...

…will you have the courage to look into all the evidence and understanding what we now know about those past events, consider that the terrorists behind this latest tragic event, could also have been supported by elements of our own government?