AE911Truth to be discussed Buffalo/Toronto radio "The Edge" 6/11/13

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"Gather up every one, pull up a seat and cop a squat at your nearest internet browser tomorrow at 1030am where I will be a guest speaker Architects and Engineer for 9/11 Truth on the "Shredd & Ragan" on 103.3 "The Edge" radio Buffalo/Toronto. Goto and click on the Listen Live in the TR corner. It am told it will be around 5 - 10 mins so I am unsure how much talk I will get. I did inform them in our emails that I expect it "to be an honest discussion of the facts." It would be a great shame and public disservice if they choose to do so otherwise. They have a great opportunity here and public responsibility here. Let's all hope for the best and they do what is right.

Together in Truth
Peace everyone. "

Without much time I will just try to focus on the impossibility of freefall and let Sir Isaac Newton be my guide. I will certainly make the new campaign gets a mention. Hope many get the opportunity to listen. I don't see an archive on the show's website, so I'll get a recording up when I can. Thanks for turning in.

peace everyone.
"Hey politician, can't believe a word you say
Almighty media, whose truth d'you sell today?
Watchdog of justice, who keeps their eye on you?
Con man, song in hand, who you singin' to?
The more I get to see, the less I understand
I'm just another ordinary man....
.... Once I thought the truth was gonna set me free
But now I feel the chains of its' responsibility
I will not be a puppet, I cannot play it safe
I'll give myself away with a blind and simple faith
I'm just the same as you I just do the best I can
That's the only answer,answer,answer...for an ordinary man"

-- Excerpted from the song "Ordinary Man", by Triumph; Allied Forces

Sad, Sad, Sad..

One tries to hold out hope that people have an honest genuine interest in getting at the facts. They did not have our discussion live on the air so I firmly believe now they will edit my responses to paint me in a bad light. The have not indicated to me when and/or if they will air the interview. I did request they use a full unedited version and inform me prior to its airing, we'll see if that happens. Sadly they only tried to discredit and mock me, but they didn't do a very good job of it. It is very disheartening to see the pitiful state our media is in.

Together in Truth
peace everyone.

Thanks for trying

Thanks for trying.

Thanks rm

I found the interview on their podcast and as expected most of my answers were edited out. Especially my answers detailing 0 resistance to the motion and the points of fraud made in NIST's report on wtc7. Clearly, they just wanted to "have some fun". But I think this method exposes them more than me which is why I agreed to appear even after my first trepidations that it would be a mock piece. That's ok. If you want to listen to, it is available on the Shredd & Ragan podcast. Apparently, they didn't want to discuss too much of building 7 over the broadband airwaves and left it "backpaged" in the podcast. Thanks again.