Americans’ choice: Constitution, world peace, economic abundance OR 1% un-American dicts

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Life has provided Americans many years to choose one of two futures:

Unalienable rights, limited government under the US Constitution, enforcement of war law that proves US wars as Orwellian unlawful, and obvious economic solutions to end national debt, optimize infrastructure, and have full-employment
1% lies of omission and commission to divide humans between “us” and “them” that destroys explicit Constitutional rights afforded to all “persons” for war-murders in the millions, torture, disclosed full-spectrum searching of the innocent with their tax dollars, and bankster economics that escalates our debt, enables deteriorating infrastructure despite massive unemployment.

Full documentation of the above facts are here and here.

The 1%’s form of government rejects limits of the Constitution and law, therefore by definition is “un-American.” We have other names to describe a form of government unlimited by rule of law: fascism is likely the most accurate, but certainly one of dictatorship.

The etymology of dictatorship embraces dictate, or government by dicts: what is said or dictated at any given time unlimited by law.

The US government we’re promised under American ideals and our Constitution is a republic: government explicitly limited by its Constitution and rule of law.

The NSA’s 4th Amendment violations is just the latest “emperor has no clothes” obvious un-American acts by our 1% “leaders” in government and economics, and “covered” in their criminality by corporate media.

The 1%’s “leadership” annually kills millions, harms billions, and loots trillions of our dollars.

A bright new future is just choices away.

Be proud of your choices.