September 11 News feed removed from

So last week I visit as I regularly do. I scroll down to see if there are any new 9/11 headlines only find the topic has been removed from home page entirely and replaced with headlines. Before posting this blog entry, I did write to infowars editor Kurt Nimmo last week asking why this change. I haven't received any reply indicating he has read my concerns so I wanted to post it here to bring more attention to it. It would certainly seem from my viewpoint with recent happenings, such as Kevin Ryan's new book and the ReThink911 campaign, that infowars would provide considerable coverage of these events. However, we get just the opposite from a person who should be one of our biggest advocates.

Not only is there deafening silence, but now with the removal of the September 11 headline topic, there is even less coverage than before. What coverage we do get from infowars is Jesse Ventura's space beams and Steve Pieczenik interviews that make big claims, but ultimately go nowhere. What are we to make of this? Is AJ really after the truth or has he become the self-aggrandizing "auto conspiracy theorist" where everything is a plot and just not taken seriously anymore (if he ever was).

If it does any good, I would encourage others to write into infowars asking the 9/11 topic be brought back to the homepage. Thanks for listening.

Peace everyone.



It could be a hack, otherwise let them show themselves.

The 9/11 Skeptic/Truth movement has legs and they know it.

I thought so too at first...

since the first posts seemed to be random comments from (and let me correct myself above, it was replaced by not prisonplanet) planetinfowars, however today there were normal headlines (and oddly enough, one about WTC 7 Graffiti so there's something) and no changes to the topic box so it seems unlikely it was a hack.

I still think we should continue to write in and ask why aren't they covering the Rethink campaign or KR's book? These are important happenings but apparently not important enough for infowars. For that matter, I should stress that no other alternative news outlets seem to be covering any of it either.

You're right however, let their true colors shine brightly for all to see.

thx for commenting.


It's a fast paced news site. They are free to re-arrange it and cover or not cover stories as they wish. Implying they have nefarious motives because they removed a section is not logical.

I have no doubt that Infowars will continue to post 9/11/01 related stories.

We have better things to do than attack each other.

Not implying anything..just pointing out

I'm not trying to imply any such nefarious goings on other than there has been little coverage over there and now even less. Make of it as you will, but I am not "attacking" them, no such thing. I do believe they can do better, hence my post.