Cheney & Bush asked Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle not to Investigate 9/11

Key part starts at 11:37

Nov 21, 2001 - Why Daschle and Leahy?
It's the question no one in Washington or the media wants to publicly examine: Why were two high-profile Democrats targeted by the anthrax mail terrorist?

4 February 2009 - Tom Daschle withdraws cabinet nomination amidst tax scandal
Tom Daschle, Barack Obama’s pick for health and human services secretary, unexpectedly withdrew his nomination on Tuesday, amidst a scandal involving unpaid taxes.


This goes to show that there were some decent people in Gov't who wanted some of the truth to come out. They may not have been willing to do the sacrifices other people have in that effort, but they may have faced more consequences as well along that path. These people with significant positions of power, who would definitely be on the radar of those guilty of these crimes include:

Tom Daschle - Senate Majority Leader - Pushed for investigation - Anthrax attacks - Tax Scandal after appointment to Obama Admin.
Patrick Leahy - Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee - Anthrax attacks
Paul Wellstone - Senator of MN - plane crash
Cynthia McKinney - Hearings, Pushed out of office.
Max Cleland - 9/11 Commissioner who resigned
Coleen Rowley - FBI Agent in MN

The most important thing we can do is buy Kevin Ryan's book and get these real criminals into a legitimate court of law to be prosecuted, but these people deserve some credit as well for trying to stand up for the rule of law amidst a weak, frightened, and distracted populace.