Early last month I was invited to attend my local Police Station to discuss all things 9/11 with the District Commander. To be honest, for too long now I never believed I‘d have written that last sentence and know it to be a reality. But meet me she did. Not only that, I was permitted to bring along 9/11 victim family member, Matt Campbell, top UK author on the attacks, Ian Henshall, and highly experienced fire fighter and credentialed engineer, Adrian Mallett. To the Commander’s credit, she faced us alone.

Why I was granted such an audience is a little baffling. The ‘BBC v 9/11 Truth’ Court Case in which I’d been defendant, whilst it had garnered some mainstream and local publicity, had hardly rocked the establishment nor threatened to topple any Superpowers. I’m hoping it was all prompted by a previous conversation I’d had with a Police Sergeant based at the same station, to whom I’d given a brief overview of Operations ‘Northwoods’ and ‘Gladio’. He’d never heard of them…

Armed with laptops, A&E for 911 Truth materials, my defence papers from the BBC case plus a healthy breadth of knowledge on the history of false flag terrorism between us, our polite and deferential Commander, [herself, no stranger to things like the Reichstag fire, with a university degree in history under her belt] sat with an obvious and growing concern as she viewed the repeating video-loop of WTC 7 collapsing, accompanied by Adrian’s expert analysis of what was occurring. By her own embarrassed admission, this was the first time this experienced law enforcer had seen WTC 7’s demise. So, we made sure she watched it – a LOT!

It’s an almost painful and sympathy-inducing processes to watch a ‘newbie’ [let alone an experienced and successful police officer] digest the obvious implications when confronted with WTC 7. Even for us reserved English folk, but especially the Police, it casts an unexpected and most unwanted shadow over not just 9/11, but their purpose, their career, their paymasters and their actual abilities to do something about it. And that’s exactly what was asked once the penny had dropped. ‘What would she do about it?

‘What do you expect me to do about it?’ she said, almost rhetorically. It is a HUGE ask of one person. The problem is so monumental and certainly no contest between a single, doubtlessly honest provincial officer and the doubtlessly powerful figures that orchestrated the controlled demolition of WTC 7 on 9/11. I offered the expected answer: ‘Your job!’ and even that was said with some sympathy.

It would be unfair and unwise to discuss everything that was said at the meeting. I can only confirm [as would my 3 colleagues] that we covered most bases, the incontrovertible physics, the history of false flags and some obvious suspects with a history of subverting democracy through an abuse of power. What was most definitely achieved, I can say with some confidence, is that these facts would NEVER have been considered by this particular officer had we not obtained that meeting. She would most certainly not have learned them from watching British TV, but she most definitely knows now.

I can only urge everyone reading this to do the same. Pester, badger, cajole, and write endless letters demanding your right to discuss the obvious anomalies of 9/11 with your local police department. You PAY for them.

What will come of our meeting, I cannot say. All 3 of us there, saw the District Commander’s expression as she watched WTC 7 free-fall, as she learned of the eyewitnesses to explosions, people like fellow police officer Craig Bartmer – credible, reliable, honest witnesses. Witnesses who would do well in a courtroom…

I told the Commander about my new film and my intention to interview a dozen, or ‘jury’ of retired police officers, judges and soldiers, and how I wanted their verdict and how I would then get the DVD to as many serving police like her. She appreciated the concept. She hasn’t donated to the budget yet [to my knowledge] but she did say: ‘Good idea! They’ve got nothing to lose!’ I guess the implication in that remark was that she does. And she does. Because she’ll know she cannot do it alone…

We await her promised written response. I won’t put too much store by her reply, because if she has an ounce of sense [and she has plenty] she won’t be briefing a lowly film-maker on any plans for investigating global police corruption at the highest echelons, should she find the necessary courage. What we do hope for, is that she discreetly spreads the word amongst those charged with protecting us. As I pointed out in the meeting, 60 police officers lost their lives on 9/11. Couple that thought with watching WTC7 get blown away. I hope she does, and then behaves like the brave professional we all believed her to be.

For those of you who fight shy of approaching your police – you can still help wake them up. Please contribute by supporting our new feature film targeted at that very specific audience. Police, Judges, Armed Services. We want to bring the awful reality of 9/11 to as many of them as possible – the event which took so many of their colleagues, and has taken so many more since in the military campaigns based on what we can now prove was a lie.

Please donate to the budget of new full-length feature film ‘incontrovertible’ Link here:
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We truly believe that serving Police Officers, Judges, and Soldiers cannot and will not ignore the opinions of those who have gone before them, those who have the experience of assessing evidence and who have seen the horror of war – wars based on the official lie of 9/11…

Please give what you can to make this film as powerful and professional as possible. We will then get it to those who need to know and you too can use the film as a real weapon with which to shock your local police out of their ignorance, and that they, in turn, can pass it from colleague to colleague, confident in the knowledge this evidence has been reviewed by their peers and found to be ‘incontrovertible’.

You and I don’t have the power to arrest those who need questioning about 9/11. The Police DO.

Tony Rooke
Writer/ Director ‘incontrovertible’

Great Story Tony

Glad to share it on my fb. Good luck w the film.. Wish I had more to give, looks like a great project. Take good care.

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