Science Radio Show Host Michio Kaku Gave Michael Shermer An Unskeptical Interview

On July 16, 2013 on KPFA, Michio Kaku, "Professor of Theoretical Physics" and host of a long-standing radio show called "Exploration", gave a completely unscientific and unskeptical interview platform to Michael Shermer to discuss "The Borders of Science - Why People Believe Strange Things". Dr. Shermer is introduced as the "dean of debunkers", founder of The Skeptical Society, and a regular writer for Scientific American.

Dr Kaku lets Dr Shermer ridicule Dr Steven Jones without even mentioning a single detail of his work or his research on samples of WTC dust. What does our host do to challenge Shermer? Kaku has no informed questions for Shermer to debunk!

Does Kaku not owe Dr Steven Jones an opportunity to discuss his scientific "Hypothesis", research, and evidence on the show which allowed him to be ridiculed? Kaku has put his scientific reputation on the line by hosting Shermer in such a completely uncritical and endorsing manner. How about some public discussion of an appropriate response to Kaku from the intellectual leadership of the 9/11 Truth movement in numerous countries all at once? He should have Steven Jones and Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth on a special show as well!

See also Dr Kaku's interview on RT three days later where he really reveals his position on 9/11 in a heated exchange with Oksana Boyko. Kaku is quite combative in this interview with Oksana. He appears majorly unalarmed about NSA gathering of all information. He tries to popularize the notion that we have “democracy” with raging debates that impede us from going to war, then we have the will of the people behind the war, he claims. Oksana says he sounds like George W. Bush and is talking more about “the appearance of democracy”. At one point, he tries to re-popularize the myth that the US was attacked by Muslims directed from Afghanistan, as if that in any way justified the vast bombardment killings and subsequent and continuing occupation of that entire country.

At 9:25 Kaku becomes quite rude and belligerent with the host at this point. He asks, “Are you a 'conspiracy theorist'?”. And he demands that she answer his question, “Who was behind 9/11?” He repeats it five times in rapid succession! You can hear him interrupt her everytime she tries to answer. He is clearly trying to use the full weight of his celebrity “Science Guy” status to intimidate the young journalist Oksana. She dare not answer in a way that he would not approve. He is quite literally the classic male “intellectual” bully here. At 10:10 she bows to his bullying by saying, “I do tend to believe in this conventional narrative of Al Qaida and Osama bin Laden being behind that tragic and horrendous attack. The question is whether the deaths of those people justify the deaths of hundreds of thousands after that?”

Kaku accuses Boyko of equating the failings of “democracy” with the “dark forces of evil and torture”, and he quite deliberately ignores the acknowledeged US use of indefinite “detention” imprisonment, torture, and targeted assassinations, even of US citizens as in the case of the Al Awlakis father and son. Outrageously, Kaku justifies the slaughter and destruction of Iraq because debates and demonstrations had been allowed before it happened! She calls him on that by pointing out that the justifications of weapons of mass destruction turned out to not be true.

"Science of Democracy", featuring an interview with Science populizer Dr Michio Kaku 7-19-13 RT Worlds Apart Channel (29:14): "The technological revolution of the 20th century has brought the world unprecedented prosperity as well as unimaginable horrors. Will science liberate humanity or shackle it like never before? To hash out these issues, Oksana is joined by Dr Michio Kaku, a world-renowned theoretical physicist and author."

There is a previous post and discussion thread here at 911Blogger where the YouTube is embedded and the discussion is about the RT interview at

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Yes, I should be given an opportunity to respond if attacked in this manner; did Dr. Kaku even mention my published papers?

Here I mention just one -- the paper with Kevin Ryan and James Gourley in The Environmentalist. Surely he is not saying this paper was not peer-reviewed, or that none of my 9/11 research papers have been peer-reviewed?

And where is Kaku's peer-reviewed response?